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Is this a perchance?

By Our Political Analyst Republican Nepal was ushered in diplomatically when the Chinese ambassador was the first to submit his official credentials about a decade ago to prime minister Girija Koirala who assumed the office of acting head of state amidst the charged interim environs of a ‘suspended’ monarchy. Indian …

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By Pushpa Raj Pradhan Thousands of local Newars welcomed former King Gyanendra to attend the Khadga exchange ceremony of the Pachhali Bhairav in Marutole, Kathmandu on Sunday morning. The former King was invited there at the capacity of a King to continue the religious tradition which was halted since the …

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Is new polarization in the offing in new world order?

By Our Reporter The growing tension between India and Pakistan and the increasing strategic intimacy between China and Russia show the onset of the new world order. The latest activities of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi showed he is eager to join the American Club. If the ongoing tension …

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“Loktantra” not for the people

By Our Reporter These days, if one visits social networks, the status of commoners are full with dissatisfaction against the political leaders and the political parties who are fighting for power and always engaged in conspiracy for power. Our leaders have proved that politics is the name of a dirty …

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Will there be war between India and Pakistan?

By Our Reporter Will India and Pakistan engage in the fourth war? Everyone is now seeking answer to this question.  If the two nuclear powers of South Asia go for another round of war, life in entire region will be affected with Nepal facing the shortage of petroleum products. Latest …

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Nepal under Indian umbrella?


By Our Political Analyst Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal has said that during his state visit to India, an understanding has been developed in developing working alliance with India in international issues. This is an indication that Nepal is going to back India in international issues. He clarified that Nepal has …

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Nine prime ministers in 10 years: Deepening political instability

By Our Reporter Political instability has been the biggest misfortune for the Nepalese people. It is evident from the number of prime ministers we have in 10 years from the political change of 2006. After the political change of 2006, Girija Prasad Koirala became prime minister till the 2008 Constituent …

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Chinese expectation from Nepal

By Pushparaj Pradhan According to Sanghu vernacular weekly, PM Dahal is visiting Delhi with the gift that Chinese President Xi Jinping is not visiting Nepal. Indeed, the Indians were of the view that the powerful Chinese President should not visit Nepal. One of the reasons for developing the plan to …

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