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Costly NSU convention


By Our Reporter The ongoing 11th general convention of the Nepal Students Union has turned costly for the Nepali Congress, the mother party of NSU. The three-day convention inaugurated by NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba has not concluded even on the 11th day of its opening. As the students were …

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Anna Hazare’s new avatar?


By Pushpa Raj Pradhan “In Nepal, Indians are feeling victorious while being engaged in micro-management; Chinese are engaged in curbing the Tibetan refugees but the Westerners are playing a long-term game by using NGOs”, said a member of the National Planning Commission. Comparing the amount spent in Nepal by different …

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Has the constitution failed?


By Our Reporter Now when the Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Centre are preparing to oust Prime Minister K P. Oli through the no-trust motion they have registered in the Legislature Parliament Prime Minister K. P. Oli is claiming that he will remain in power until January 2018 stating that …

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Political instability to continue


By Our Reporter Finally the Maoist Center (MC) has withdrawn its support to the Oli led government and decided to recall its ministers on the allegation that PM Oli violated the gentleman’s agreement. MC has decided to end the present partnership with the UML and develop a new alliance with …

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Costly constitution

By Our Reporter The leaders of the three major parties wanted a constitution at any cost. Therefore, the three parties introduced a very expensive constitution compared to the fund invested to draft this constitution. It is believed that this constitution is one of the most expensive constitutions in the world. …

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Why Pushpakamal Dahal cancelled his visit to Australia?

Pushpakamal dahal

By Our Correspondent Cancellation of Australia visit of chairman of CPN-Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal at the last moment last week has been judged with suspicion. Though Dahal said he cancelled the trip due to the political circumstances in home, news reports suggested otherwise, They claimed he decided to not …

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By Our Reporter After quitting his mother party UCPN Maoist, Baburam Bhattarai (BRB) has launched a new party “Naya Shakti” (New Force) by including all the old people. Bhattarai has claimed that his party is no more a communist party, rather, a party which has adopted good characteristics in all …

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Will New Force become a real force?


By Our Reporter Baburam Bhattarai formally announced his New Force as a new political party of Nepal. Bhattarai, who had led a government in the capacity of vice chairman of the then UCPN-Maoist in 2011/12, had quit the party as well as the Constituent Assembly immediately after the promulgation of …

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Is Oli safe now?

By Our Reporter Whether Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-led government is safe, there are speculations within the political circles. Of course, PM Oli has said that he will not be an obstacle if there will be an environment for the formation of a national government. Similarly, Maoist Center’s chairman Pushpakamal …

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‘King, symbol of unity’


By Our Reporter Senate Shrestha, a strong supporter of the institution of monarchy, said that the institution is still a symbol of unity. When the former King visited Sunsari district in the course of paying homage to different temples, thousands of locals belonging to different political parties including Tarai Madhesh …

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