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Dirty tricks by PM Modi: Indian anti-Pak footprints

By Kamal The most recent Indian moves against Pakistan in Geneva are not much of a shock. Previously during United Nations Human Right Council sessions in September, 2016 India pulled similar stunts to broadcast false concerns over Balochistan and Kashmir. Over the course of several years, Indian RAW has spent …

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Mumbai attack — a false flag operation by RAW

By Mohammad WHEREAS India and Pakistan have their own versions on Mumbai attacks, many analysts and investigating journalists have given their assessment, which negates the Indian narrative. They have logical arguments and evidence to prove their point that it was a false flag operation and not the handiwork of religious …

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Belt, Road good opportunity for India to boost economy


By Liu Lulu India should participate in China’s Belt and Road initiative and take economic advantage of it, senior leader of the Indian National Congress Manish Tewari said Thursday, adding that the country has nothing to lose if it becomes part of the initiative. Compared with Indian Prime Minister Narendra …

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The new bipolarity in Asia

By M. K. Narayanan The dichotomy in the rule-based global order is becoming increasingly evident with the passage of time. U.S. President Donald Trump, for instance, makes no secret of the fact that he believes in a world governed by self-interest, with little room for shared responsibility, or lofty ideas …

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Reaching out to neighbours

By Syed Munir Khasru The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is among the world’s largest regional intergovernmental organisations. Since its inception, the countries in the region have become more integrated through enhanced intraregional trade and connectivity. The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), geographically proximate to ASEAN, started …

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China’s quantum leap


By Yu Fei China has made remarkable progress in quantum science and technology over the past year, leaping to a world-leading position in the field of quantum communications. “A major breakthrough”; “an impressive achievement”; “a milestone in the field”…. When a series of Chinese achievements in quantum science and technology …

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Building a community of a shared future of China and Nepal

BY TING WU Talking about what we have gained from the “Belt and Road Initiative” on behalf of my company, and discussing how we can commit ourselves to the development of Tibet, and to building a community of a shared future of China and Nepal under the guidance of the …

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Hindu extremists lay siege to Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

BY ALI KHAN IN a country where politics has turned toxic, leading virtually everything — from festival firecrackers to animal husbandry — to take on a “communal” religious colouring, perhaps it should not be surprising that even one of the world’s most famous monuments has become a target. But that …

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19th CPC National Congress and China-Nepal relations


By Ms Yu Hong China’s achievements in past five years: China is in an important juncture today due to stable and positive economic development. In 2012, the Chinese GDP was 54036.7 billion RMB, which, in 2016, was recorded at 74412.7 billion RMB. GDP of the first half year of 2017 …

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Indian Hybrid warfare’s strategy

BY JASPAL THE India and other adversaries have been successfully operating hybrid warfare techniques to bleed Pakistan. They failed to coerce or frighten Islamabad with their conventional and nuclear weapons mighty arsenals. The India under Modi government has been making alliances and devising new trade routes to Afghanistan and Iran …

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