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On the great Asian highway


BY SYED MUNIR KHASRU One of the key non-military issues that does not just bedevil India-China relations but also significantly affects many countries in the region is the inability of the two Asian giants to communicate, cooperate and coordinate on matters of regional trade and connectivity which could have benefited …

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BRI: The project that will change our world


BY SHAMAS UR REHMAN TOOR The Belt and Road initiative (BRI) has been a much talked about project in recent years. Its scale is unprecedented. The initiative will not only improve intra-Asia connectivity but also enhance the link between Asia, Europe and Africa. The initiative will impact 65 countries (or …

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Fears of second Cold War misplaced

BY ZHANG TENGJUN Sino-US relations have been on a downswing this year. Some believe that a “Cold War II” between China and the US is coming. The two countries, they think, are competitive in their strategic goals. To be specific, China aims for its rejuvenation, while US President Donald Trump …

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China-US competition: marathon, not boxing


On May 10-11, famous American think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies organized two symposiums in Washington, DC, with the themes “Global Economic Order and China-US Relations” and “China-US Relations in the Past 40 Years”. Nearly 200 figures from US political and think tank circles, including Senators, attended the …

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Resolving China-US trade row a hard fight

US China trade fight

BY ZHAO MINGHAO The latest round of trade talks between China and the US has come to an end. Although the two countries didn’t sign any agreements, they exchanged ideas on issues including expanding US exports to China, bilateral services trade, two-way investment and protecting intellectual property. The two countries …

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India’s unemployment problem

BY PRAVEEN CHAKRAVARTY AND JAIRAM RAMESH In January this year, the Prime Minister made this statement: “7 million new jobs created in 2017”. The statement draws on false conclusions of a study by two economists. Here is another: “10-12 million young people join the workforce every year and 7 million …

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Shining India and Jinnah’s portrait

BY JAMIL STUDENTS of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in India are currently holding demonstrations to protest against removal of Jinnah’s picture from students’ union hall. The union has had a tradition of bestowing lifetime membership on eminent personalities. Jinnah was honoured in 1938, two years prior to Lahore Resolution when …

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Indian planning against CPEC of BRI

By Kiran INDIA, which has been opposed to China since it received a drubbing from it in the 1962 Sino-Indian War, spares no stone unturned to denigrate it. Pakistan was never accepted as a sovereign state by India and every machination in the Chanakyan book on guile and deceit has …

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India is a grossly unequal country

By Rahul Ahluwalia,Yamini Atmavilas & Nachiket Mor India is the second most unequal economy in the world after Russia, according to a 2017 Oxfam report entitled “An economy for the 99%”. More sobering is the fact that even the people we might consider to be middle class in India are …

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U.S.-China trade disputes to hit America’s heartland harder than expected

By Peter Mertz DENVER, the United States, April 30 (Xinhua) — American farmers have been bracing for a tariffs race between the United States and China ignited by the Trump administration — economic shots that would likely hurt America’s historic heartland. Since China’s response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs …

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