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China can offer lessons to US in protecting human rights

BY YU NING Thousands of protesters, led by survivors of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, congregated at the Florida State Capitol building Wednesday. Their message: Never again. Never again will a murderer purchase a gun easily. Never again will a school be riddled by a mass …

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New Delhi’s US-backed “Chinese containment” strategy in the Afro-Indian Ocean

BY ANDREW KORYBKO India’s American-backed anti-Chinese “containment” strategy seeks to have New Delhi establish control over crucial nodes along the Sea Lines Of Communication (SLOC) in the Afro-Indian Ocean, but the country’s plans are being thwarted by China’s ingenuity in crafting asymmetrical workarounds to these future chokepoints. Background Dynamics Make …

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For India, it should be neighbourhood first

BY M. K. NARAYANAN As India’s salience in global matters grows — amply demonstrated recently by the presence of 10 leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at India’s Republic Day celebrations, the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest …

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Is democracy dying?

BY GAUTAM ADHIKARI The masthead of the Washington Post carries an ominous warning these days: “Democracy Dies In Darkness”. Not a simple declaration like “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, which the New York Times carries in its masthead, or this newspaper’s “Let Truth Prevail”. The Post is asking …

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India’s meddling in Maldives internal affairs triggers crisis

By Cheng Xizhong It is widely believed that the political crisis in Maldives has been precipitated by India’s interference in its neighbor’s internal affairs. As political upheaval broke out in the Indian Ocean archipelago nation, New Delhi was quick to respond. “It is imperative for all organs of the government …

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Indian hierarchy system stifles development

BY DING GANG The Siasat Daily, an Indian Urdu language newspaper, posted on its English website a list of the number of VIPs in the world’s major countries. India tops the list with a staggering 579,092 VIPs, far more than the 435 in China and the 252 in the US. …

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Kashmir: the subcontinent’s unfinished dispute


BY RAHMAN The independence declared by the British government through India Independence Act 1947 will remain incomplete if the problem of Kashmir persists. Kashmiris have been fighting against the Indian occupation and sacrificing their lives. The bleak aspect of the problem is that the United Kingdom, the United States and …

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Suspicion over China’s Polar Silk Road rooted in misunderstanding


BY CHEN ZINAN On January 26, China’s State Council Information Office published a white paper – China’s Arctic Policy, which set out the country’s basic stance, policy goals, principles and major policies and positions regarding its engagement in Arctic affairs. The white paper is to “make the positioning clear.” China …

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Differences between India, China likely to deepen: Narayanan

PTI: KOLKATA: Differences between India and China are likely to deepen and the Doklam standoff was not a one off incident, former National Security Advisor M K Narayanan said and cautioned that the differences may lead to “unexpected consequences”. Narayanan, while speaking at the international symposium ‘Indo-China relations — Resolving …

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India’s baseless opposition to CPEC


India’s constant opposition to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will not affect the project in any way. It is purely a development project and there is no reason to restrain the development work in the disputed areas. India is reiterating that CPEC passes through the disputed area and is therefore …

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