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American power in an age of disorder


By Barry Gewen Henry Kissinger’s most recent book was called, very simply, World Order. The title may be taken as ironic, for at present, Kissinger said, there is no such thing. “Our age is insistently, at times almost desperately, in pursuit of a concept of world order,” and unless the …

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Five years after Arab Spring


By Makhan Saikia Today, the Arab youth are in need of another revolution, not to overthrow any autocrat or a dictator but to ensure that they have a definite future. Five years after the Arab Spring, the situation in many countries of the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) is …

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India’s ‘silent war’ on Pakistan

By Javed Silent war is a kind of warfare with another state in which the ruler and his ministers— and, unknowingly, the people— acted publicly as if they were at peace with the opposing state, but all the while secret agents were busy assassinating important leaders in the other state, …

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New Silk Roads tell the story of Asia


Peter Frankopan’s (Frankopan) book, The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, has been an unexpected hit in the UK, staying on best-seller lists for weeks. What does Frankopan, a historian at Oxford University and director of the Oxford Center for Byzantine Research, think of the Chinese “Belt and …

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15 August: Black day for Kashmiris


By Tabassum Kashmiris observe 15 August (Indian Independence Day) as black day every year. They express full hate against India and condemn Indian imperialism for continuously refusing Kashmiris right of self-determination. They also inform the whole world about Indian atrocities against unarmed Kashmiris male, female and children which are struggling …

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Indian Home Minister’s failed visit to Pakistan


By Shokat Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh arrived in Pakistan on August 3, this year to participate in the 3-day conference of the interior ministers/home ministers and other delegates of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member states, held in Islamabad. Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit came at …

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Indian visa policy should look to long term


By Shi Lancha Given its unusual sensitivity, the Indian authorities’ visa policies toward Chinese personnel often reflect the latest twists and turns in the Sino-Indian relations. Two recent events tellingly demonstrated this point. In the aftermath of India’s failed bid to join Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), which New Delhi blamed …

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Unstable Nepal not good for India

BY M.K. BHADRAKUMAR Nepal’s Prime Minister K. P. Oli resigned on Sunday seeing the writing on the wall that his main coalition partner ‘Maoist’ leader Prachanda has struck a Faustian deal of power-sharing with the main opposition party Nepali Congress in a political conspiracy with domestic and external ramifications. The …

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Oli’s fall is good news for India, Prachanda likely to be next PM

By Indrani Bagchi NEW DELHI: As Nepal moved on Sunday to finally dislodge prime minister KP Oli+, it was a positive development so far as India is concerned. Faced with a no-confidence motion, Oli resigned on Sunday, paving the way for a Prachanda-led Maoist-Nepali Congress government in Kathmandu. While the …

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South China Sea or South China See?

By Zhou Lei   The recent South China Sea arbitration case has stirred China’s academic and media world into a discursive cauldron, within one week, thousands of articles from various knowledge backgrounds and disciplines dominated the news headline when China retired high-ranking official Dai Bingguo dismissed the arbitration decision as …

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