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Switzerland’s denial of ‘Tibet’ nationality a blow to separatists

By Cui Hongjian The “Tibetan-in-exile” community in Switzerland has found it more difficult to obtain an official identification of Tibetan refugee since Berne revised its immigration policy and asked those Tibetans to change their nationality to China in July 2016. Swiss media said recently that the approval rate for this …

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Delhi will suffer losses if it plays Taiwan card

By Yu Ning Source At a time when new US President Donald Trump has put the brakes on challenging China over the Taiwan question, agreeing to change course and respecting the “one China” policy, India stands out as a provocateur. A female “parliamentary” delegation from Taiwan, at the invitation of …

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Surgical strikes: Convincing the unconvinced

By Dr M. Khan While reiterating, what has not happened, Indian Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat is trying to convince the skeptical, unconvinced and inquisitive media people, the intellectuals and even retired army officers that, surgical strikes did happen on September 28, 2016 in AJK areas. Not only that these …

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One Belt, One Road can bring China and Russia closer

By Ai Jun The Sputnik News Agency on Thursday quoted Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely participate in the One Belt and One Road summit in Beijing this May. If Putin attends the gathering, it will be of great significance to …

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It’s not just about H-1B

By C. Raja Mohan As President Donald Trump builds his political future on the American backlash against globalisation, Delhi has no reason to insist that it has the “right” to export cheap technical labour to the United States. Nor should the government want to make this question central to its …

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India needs positive nationalism, that unites rather than divides


By Mark Tully The extraordinary protectionist start to Donald Trump’s presidency has brought nationalism to centre stage again — not that it has ever gone off stage in India since the troubles in the Jawaharlal Nehru University and the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar on a charge of sedition. Both Trump …

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Cold Start doctrine may not escalate India-Pakistan tensions

Some news outlets recently reported that General BipinRawat, India’s new army chief, acknowledged in an interview earlier this year the existence of Cold Start doctrine, which, according to India Today, is “developed by the Indian Armed Forces to put to use in case of a war with Pakistan,” and is …

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America can’t be great again without China

By Zhao Minghao With Donald Trump officially taking office as the 45th US president, the discussion on the future of Sino-US relations has intensified. Amid myriad uncertainties, one certain thing is that in the coming months, the bilateral relations will be bumpy, which might have lasting effects beyond the scope …

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Trump’s ambitions challenge Modi’s ‘Make in India’


By Long Xingchun and Rishika Chauhan Since the US presidential election in November, analysts and academics around the world have spent considerable time and effort in predicting President Donald Trump’s possible policies on domestic and international issues. A common thread in the ensuing analysis is the “uncertainty” attached to the …

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