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Why Kashmiris observe 27 October as black day

By Muhammad Raza Malik Background October 27 is the darkest day in the history of Jammu and Kashmir and the Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control and across the world observe it as Black Day. This is the day, when, in 1947, India sent its armed …

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Full text of resolution on CPC Central Committee report

BEIJING — Following is the full text of the Resolution of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on the Report of the 18th Central Committee adopted on Oct 24 at the just-ended 19th National Congress of the CPC. Resolution of the 19th National Congress of the …

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India’s microfinance is losing its soul

By Moin Qazi Microfinance has lately been facing trouble because of what observers apparently feel is the dilution in the purity of its mission. When it started, microfinance was a financial tool being used for social good. Now it has increasingly become a social tool used as a way to …

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Summer of 2014 to autumn of 2017

By P Chidambaram I did not set the cat among the pigeons. In fact, my grievance was that nothing that more knowledgeable persons (leave aside my views) wrote or said seemed to have any effect on the government and its management of the economy. A course correction was not effected …

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Facts about Indian atrocities in Kashmir

By Nawz ON October 27 each year, Kashmir Black Day is observed nationwide in Pakistan and also across globe. This is day when Indian forces unlawfully, forcefully and in blatant violation of international law occupied Kashmiris’ land, which started darkest period in J&K history. State terrorism that India unleashed on …

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Pakistan PM Speech at UNGA

By Shahid Khaqan Pakistan’s commitment to the principles of the United Nations is evident from the long record of its constructive role in the initiatives and contributions that have shaped the decisions and discourse at this world body on decolonization, development, trade, international law, human rights, refugees, peacekeeping, security, disarmament …

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Rohingya crisis explodes again

The Rohingya have been called — by a United Nations spokesperson, no less — “the world’s most friendless people.” That status was brutally confirmed last month as Myanmar’s security forces clashed with Rohingya insurgents. Hundreds were killed in the violence, and tens of thousands of civilians were forced from their …

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West’s suspicion of BRICS cooperation outdated

By Liu Lulu As the 2017 BRICS summit draws closer, voices suspicious of the bloc’s sustainable growth and prosperity have emerged. Some Westerners speculate that the BRICS luster is fading as some members are witnessing stagnant growth or are mired in trade spats and political tensions. The West has long …

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India and South Asia


By Kazi Anwarul Masud Why, one may ask, despite common cultural heritage and long bonds of history and added to these factors was Indian humanitarian intervention during the Bangladesh Liberation War Indo-Bangladesh relations, notwithstanding public diplomacy by the authorities of the two countries, a portion of the people of Bangladesh …

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