Thursday , March 22 2018
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Belt and Road: promoting healthy globalization

By Ng Yau Man The Belt and Road initiative (B&R) has entered a new development stage. Heads of state and government from 29 foreign countries attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing on May 14 and 15. President Xi Jinping made a keynote speech, proposing the …

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Pelosi, Dalai Lama stage show before their political exit

Just as the China-US relationship is getting back on the right track after experiencing some ups and downs, 77-year-old House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who is seen very much as clinging to power way past her prime, has found a chance to highlight herself by playing the Dalai Lama card. …

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Belt and Road can ease imbalance in globalization


By Huang Renwei The current problems brought by globalization are the result of contradictions between global productivity distribution and global production relations. After more than three decades of development, global productivity distribution has witnessed fundamental changes. Nowadays, developing and developed countries are jointly participating in the global industrial chain, supply …

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‘One country, two systems’ cannot be divided

By Cong Peiying On April 29, Wang Zhenmin, head of the Legal Department of the central government’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong, said at a seminar that an independence movement has been permeating Hong Kong in recent years and if Hong Kong’s autonomy becomes a tool to confront the central …

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Unfair education exposes India’s social rift

By Ding Gang On the very first morning I arrived in Mumbai, I went to the most emblematic landmark of the city – the Gateway of India. However, it was not the magnificent architecture that caught my attention, but young people in threes and fives with backpacks on their shoulders …

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B&R making advances in South Asia


Since China proposed the Belt and Road project in 2013, there has been heated discussion outside China, especially in South Asian countries adjacent to China. What are the considerations and concerns of South Asian countries toward this initiative? How can China address their concerns and boost cooperation? At the conference …

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Indian worry over China-Nepal drill outdated

By Liu Zongyi China and Nepal kicked off their first-ever joint military exercise, code-named “Sagarmatha Friendship 2017,” on April 16 at Nepal Army’s Para Training School in Kathmandu. The drill will last 10 days and its main purposes are counterterrorism and disaster relief. It was said the two countries initially …

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New Delhi must avoid turning Sino-Indian ties into confrontation

By Long Xingchun China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs announced earlier this month that it has standardized the names of six places in South Tibet. “The competent authorities in charge of managing China’s geographical names were exercising their lawful rights in publicly releasing these names in accordance with Regulations on the …

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Asians must stand against Western vulgarity

By Li Jun An  A Vietnamese-American doctor, David Dao, was brutalized by United Airlines on April 9. He lost two front teeth and suffered from a concussion after being beaten and dragged off the plane like an animal by airport security. But many people fail to recognize the degree to …

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New Delhi using Dalai as diplomatic tool harms Sino-Indian ties

By Liu Jianxi The 14th Dalai Lama has been invited by New Delhi to Tawang, a disputed region on the China-India border this week. The Dalai Lama is expected to be received by India’s Junior Home Minister Kiren Rijiju this time, a move that gives the trip some official implications. …

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