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America can’t be great again without China

By Zhao Minghao With Donald Trump officially taking office as the 45th US president, the discussion on the future of Sino-US relations has intensified. Amid myriad uncertainties, one certain thing is that in the coming months, the bilateral relations will be bumpy, which might have lasting effects beyond the scope …

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Trump’s ambitions challenge Modi’s ‘Make in India’


By Long Xingchun and Rishika Chauhan Since the US presidential election in November, analysts and academics around the world have spent considerable time and effort in predicting President Donald Trump’s possible policies on domestic and international issues. A common thread in the ensuing analysis is the “uncertainty” attached to the …

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Kashmiri youth: Symbol of hope

By  Yaseen The people of Indian Held Kashmir have been suffering atrocities for decades, sometimes things escalate and sometimes they die down but never have the Kashmiris been able to live a day in peace. Pakistan has always supported its Kashmiri brethren and has always tried to highlight their stance …

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Xi’s Davos attendance highlights China’s responsibility

By Ni Feng President Xi Jinping is the first Chinese head of state to take part in the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, scheduled from January 17 to 20. The theme for this year’s gathering is Responsive and Responsible Leadership. As President of the world’s second-largest economy, Xi’s attendance is …

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TPP demise hints US leadership in Asia-Pacific losing legitimacy

By Li Haidong Six departing US ambassadors in Asia, including Max Baucus, the ambassador to China, recently wrote to the US Congress in their last-ditch plea to call for continued support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that concerns the US “credibility as a trade partner and a leader” in the …

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Why solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris!

By Raza Malik Genesis of the Solidarity Day India has been subjecting the people of occupied Kashmir to the worst form of state terrorism since 1947 to suppress their struggle for securing their right to self-determination and to get rid of its illegal occupation. During all this period, Pakistan is …

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Poverty, glorious poverty


By Tavleen Singh India has more ‘pro-poor’ political leaders than any other country. They have been very visible since the cash crisis hit us, competing raucously to prove that they are more ‘pro-poor’ than all the others. The Prime Minister noticed that his own credentials were being questioned and joined …

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Beijing won’t yield to US bullying over Taiwan

By Zhao Minghao Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen embarked on a nine-day visit on Saturday to Nicaragua, Salvador and Guatemala, with stopovers in the US. While Tsai did not meet with US President-elect Donald Trump or any members of his transition team during her US stay, she met with senior US …

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Pak-Russia ties in regional situation

By Hanf In the post cold war era Pakistan-Russia relations had already started improving. But Russia’s inclination towards Pakistan increased when it observed the successes of Pakistan in fighting the GWoT and it understood Pakistan’s strategic significance in the region in the context that Pakistan could play a central role …

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Xi’s New Year speech offers peaceful development vision


By Wen Dao In his New Year’s address, Chinese President Xi Jinping talked of China’s resolve to develop peacefully and determination to protect sovereign integrity, warning saboteurs that the “Chinese people will never allow anyone to get away with making a great fuss about it.” Western media have taken this …

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