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Where are China-India ties headed in 2018?

BY LONG XINGCHUN The year 2017 is doomed to be a special year in the history of China-India relations. The Doklam standoff pushed the two Asian powers to the brink of war, becoming the biggest crisis between them in the past 55 years. Bilateral ties have been blighted by three …

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Where geography is destiny

BY C. RAJA MOHAN A series of developments in the Subcontinent at the end of 2017 cast a pall of gloom over Delhi’s foreign policy discourse. The lament was about India losing to China in its own neighbourhood. After all, China has just signed a free trade agreement with the …

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Playing Taiwan card dangerous for New Delhi

By Liu Lulu After the signing of the India-Taiwan memorandum of understanding to promote mutual industrial cooperation, Indian scholars recently suggested that it was “imperative to strengthen political and strategic engagement” between the two sides, which “cannot be dictated” by the mainland. Although the Taiwan question is not an issue …

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State of Qatar


Historical Overview: Human habitation of the Qatar Peninsula dates far back to nearly four thousand years BC, according to archaeological evidences, excavations, inscriptions and scarce potteries found in various areas of the country. In the 5th century BC, the Greek historian Herodotus referred that the first dwellers of Qatar were …

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CPEC as digital Silk Road

By Yaasir In the backdrop of the 4th World Internet Conference held in China envisioning Digital Silk Road along Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) routes, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is making its inroads to emerge as high tech digital corridor. As BRI aims to lay down the network of …

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Who’s to blame?

The country is on the cusp of abysmal health-care and grinding poverty. The World Health Organisation’s report, released on Wednesday, must be of riveting interest to the public health sector and to governments, both at the Centre and in the States. Chiefly, it has few bouquets to offer to the …

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CPC’s role cannot be detached from Chinese influence

By Lu Jingxian China’s growing influence has met with rising concern, if not panic in some Western countries. As more governments and agencies accuse China of infiltration, the Chinese public is starting to question whether an anti-China sentiment is emerging in Western society. Some China observers in the West are …

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Dirty tricks by PM Modi: Indian anti-Pak footprints

By Kamal The most recent Indian moves against Pakistan in Geneva are not much of a shock. Previously during United Nations Human Right Council sessions in September, 2016 India pulled similar stunts to broadcast false concerns over Balochistan and Kashmir. Over the course of several years, Indian RAW has spent …

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Mumbai attack — a false flag operation by RAW

By Mohammad WHEREAS India and Pakistan have their own versions on Mumbai attacks, many analysts and investigating journalists have given their assessment, which negates the Indian narrative. They have logical arguments and evidence to prove their point that it was a false flag operation and not the handiwork of religious …

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Belt, Road good opportunity for India to boost economy


By Liu Lulu India should participate in China’s Belt and Road initiative and take economic advantage of it, senior leader of the Indian National Congress Manish Tewari said Thursday, adding that the country has nothing to lose if it becomes part of the initiative. Compared with Indian Prime Minister Narendra …

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