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BRI and the rise of the Chinese economic world order

BY ASIF AS the President of the United States has opened a newly formed void by withdrawing the US clutch in the international market, Chinese President on the other hand, is determined to fill the gap through the visionary initiative of One Belt and One Road (BRI). BRI is an …

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Tougher times for Afghanistan

BY MUHAMMAD IN the changing geopolitical scenario, President Trump’s Afghanistan policy signifies tougher times for an already fallen regime. The US urgency for an exit from this decades’ old Afghan war is being felt by the policy thinkers and onlookers though there is no working time line given by the …

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New members will boost SCO’s political strength

BY YAO PEISHENG The SCO summit in Qingdao over the weekend has been convened for the first time after the admission of India and Pakistan as full members in June 2017. The membership expansion itself is the latest demonstration of the Shanghai Spirit, which was formed on the basis of …

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CPEC framework of regional connectivity


BY MUHAMMAD KHAN REGIONAL connectivity and development of the required infrastructure through cooperative efforts of the participating countries for shared economic prosperity is a visionary concept and recipe for addressing issues related to poverty alleviation and development, as well as ensuring peace through economic interdependence. The leadership of new China …

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SCO can help build a community of shared future

By Wang Haiyun The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, which was held over the weekend in Qingdao, Shandong Province, has drawn worldwide attention. This year’s meeting concluded with a series of joint statements and guidelines to ramp up cooperation on national security, trade and economy, cultural communication and international interactions. …

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India’s embattled democracy

BY HARTOSH SINGH BAL A fair and independent electoral process, an independent judiciary, a Parliament with a noisy opposition, a relatively free press and an army that has stayed away from politics have defined India since it adopted its Constitution in 1950. India stood apart in the developing world as …

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Crushing Kashmiris under armoured vehicle

BY MUHAMMAD AS a new strategy to defeat the freedom movement in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), Indian security forces have started driving armoured vehicles wildly into the protesting crowds. Such an incident happened on June 1, 2018 at Srinagar, the capital of IOK, where an armoured vehicle of Indian security …

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B&R has rich potential in Latin America


This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) and it is acting as an important driving force for China’s relations with Latin America. What has the initiative achieved in Latin America? How should China deal with the hurdles when implementing BRI in the region? Global …

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China should eye opportunities in South Asia

It is five years ago that the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) was launched. What has one of China’s most celebrated initiatives achieved in Southeast and South Asia? How should China deal with the hurdles when implementing the BRI in these regions? Global Times collected the opinion of three experts …

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