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In South Asia, be the Un-China

By Suhasini Haidar As the stand-off between the Indian and Chinese militaries enters its third month at Doklam, it is not just Bhutan that is keenly anticipating the potential fallout. The entire neighbourhood is watching. There is obvious interest in how the situation plays out and the consequent change in …

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China sheds light on alleviating poverty in India

By Rabi Sankar Bosu “A good life is created with one’s own hands, so poverty is nothing to fear. If we have determination and confidence, we can overcome any difficulty,” President Xi Jinping said on June 16, 2015. During the 11th ASEAN-China Forum on social development and poverty reduction, held …

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Has Narenda Modi switched sides?


By F. William Engdahl It’s very discomforting to see the nation of India, one of the great potential leading countries of the world systematically self-destruct. Provoking a new war with China over remote chunks of land in the high Himalayas where the borders of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region converge with …

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Pakistan Independence Day : Message from President and Prime Minister

Message from Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, President Islamic Republic of Pakistan (For the Nation on the occasion of Independence Day, 14th August, 2017) Happy Independence Day to all my fellow citizens! While we happily hoist the national flag today we need to reiterate our strong resolve to always uphold the values …

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Priority directions of economic development


Priority directions of economic development Dynamic, sustainable and inclusive growth based on structural modernization of the economy, improvement of the business climate and the efficiency of the public sector is one of the main tasks of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The key task for economic growth is to …

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India’s provocation will trigger all-out confrontation on LAC

By Duo Mu On June 16, Indian border guards crossed over the Sikkim section of the China-India border to the Chinese side, triggering a face-off with Chinese troops. India’s action this time is a blatant infringement on China’s sovereignty. As the confrontation goes on, China needs to get ready for …

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Kashmir Martyrdom Day

By Dr M. Khn At the global level, the 20th Century is marked by massive movements against colonial rule(s). Among others, the people of Sub-continent also started their demand for the end of British Colonial rule. The people of Jammu and Kashmir, however, had two-fold colonialism imposed over them; a …

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Hungary approves crackdown on foreign NGOs

On Tuesday, Hungary’s parliament approved a strict new law against nonprofits that receive foreign funds, defying calls from the European Parliament to drop the bill. The move was largely seen as part of right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s bid to control public discourse and a way to curtail the influence …

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Dynamics of Indian society

By Dr. Kan Once, secular India, as perceived by its founding fathers, immediately after decolonisation, has become a true Hindu state. Today, this danger is being felt by almost all political parties (less BJP and its allies) and particularly the non-Hindu minorities, which once were the symbol of secularism. Today, …

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The loss of innocence

By Happymon Jacob The unprofessional behaviour of the young — perhaps even well-meaning — Army Major in the Kashmir Valley is proof of how an aggressive political establishment, and the ‘popular’ support it enjoys, can transform the unlawful act into a nationalist issue. Otherwise, how is it that pinning a …

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