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America Alone — America Divided

BY SHASHI MALLA Trump at the United Nations At the start of his address to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last week, US President Donald Trump thought perhaps that he addressing a joint session of the US Congress and delivering a ‘State of the Union’ speech. Because he immediately …

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Yemen: Between Civil War, Regional Conflict & Collapse

BY SHASHI MALLA Yemen finds itself in the middle of a humanitarian catastrophe, the world’s largest. Domestically, the country battles with crumbling infrastructure, hunger and disease. Externally, it faces the continuing and relentless Saudi-led military intervention abetted by many Western countries, above all the United States. It is all but …

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The Unraveling of Trump & Trumpism : The Beginning of the End ?

BY SHASHI MALLA Last week, Washington and the American nation were badly shaken up by indiscretions and revelations within the White House and the administration in general, the likes of which were bizarre and abnormal to say the least. Some even spoke of a silent coup against President Trump. First, …

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Chemnitz: The Rise of Right-Wing Extremism in Germany ?

BY SHASHI MALLA The eastern German city of Chemnitz – renamed Karl-Marx-Stadt during the Communist regime of the German Democratic Republic (GDR/under the tutelage of the Soviet Union)—has been the site of far-right protests and clashing counter-demonstrations since weeks. A week back, the gatherings were mostly peaceful but the atmosphere …

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Great Britain or Little England?: UK in World Politics

BY SHASHI MALLA With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (EU) in less than a year, the future role of the UK in world politics has become a major concern to observers and scholars. Britain’s new foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt [foreign minister/successor to the maverick Boris Johnson] highlighted some …

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United States/Iran: Trump Indulges His ‘Sanctions Mania’

BY SHASHI MALLA Iran today is one of the most powerful nations in West Asia/Middle East. It is also scientifically and technologically quite advanced that it could become a nuclear power within a year. Ever since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, it has been opposed by the United States internationally. …

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