Thursday , March 21 2019
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• South Asia & US “Indo-Pacific” Strategy

By Shashi Malla The region “South Asia” has become crucial in international relations, not least because it is at the crossroads of the political “East” and “West”. Two of the states are nuclear armed and at daggers-drawn, posing a grave danger not only for the region, but for the wider …

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Germany’s & Europe’s Security Challenges in the Trump Era

BY SHASHI MALLA There is widespread perception among intellectuals, academics and media pundits that US President Donald Trump is endangering the world order. The trans-Atlantic alliance has been crucially debilitated, and Europe must now fashion new processes and construct security structures. German Establishment Perspective Wolfgang Ischinger, 72, has 40 years …

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*Terrorist Attack Raises India-Pakistan Tensions

BY SHASHI MALLA Resurgence of Indo-Pakistan Conflict? There is grave danger that there may be a resurgence of conflict in our immediate neighbourhood. This has been precipitated by a deadly suicidal bomb attack on a convoy of Indian paramilitaries in the Kashmir Valley – the part of the state administered …

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• Venezuela & the Nepali Communists • US Exits Nuclear Treaty

BY SHASHI MALLA Nepali communists on Venezuela The Nepali Communists led by Co-Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is insisting on taking a stand on the developments in far-off Venezuela – much to the chagrin of the US embassy in Kathmandu. Dahal reiterated that his previous statement and that of the government …

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The Case for Impeaching Trump

BY SHASHI MALLA There are now serious concerns about President Donald J. Trump as a person and his fitness for the high office of the President of the United States (POTUS). The highly respected daily newspaper The Washington Post has argued that it is high time to start impeachment proceedings. …

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