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On this and that

The Trump-Kim Summit: Greatest Possible Gamble of the 21st Century?


BY PRABASI NEPALI US President Donald Trump has agreed to a historic first meeting in person with Kim Jong Un in an extraordinary development in America’s high-stakes nuclear standoff with North Korea. Standing in front of the White House, South Korean National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong, after meeting Kim first …

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A World in Disarray: A New Cold War?

BY PRABASI NEPALI The first part of the above heading is the title of a brilliant book by Richard Haass, the president of “The Council on Foreign Relations”. Our world today is increasingly defined by disorder. The rules-based international system seems to be falling apart, i.e. the rules, policies, institutions …

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The Real & Present Danger of Donald J. Trump: Playboy & President

BY PRABASI NEPALI Donald J. Trump demonstrated his unfitness for the high office of the President of the United States (POTUS) right from the very start, beginning with the primaries of the Republican Party. After one year in office, this has become even more in evidence. But at the same …

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Russia & U.S. Instigate New Arms Race

By Prabasi Nepali Last week, the Trump administration issued a new nuclear arms policy which commits to counter a surge by Russia to modernize its own nuclear forces which is touching off a new kind of nuclear arms race. This according to “The New York Times” “is based less on …

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A Tale of Many Trumps: Divided State of the Union

BY PRABASI NEPALI US President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union (SOTU) speech to both houses of Congress last week. Last year after his inauguration, he had already addressed Congress, but that was not quite official. The annual SOTU address is the keynote speech by the President …

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World Economic Forum & the Plight of the Global Order

BY PRABASI NEPALI As a New York real estate billionaire tycoon, Donald Trump was never invited to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos in the Swiss Alps, but as the president of the most powerful state and leading economy of the world, he was, of course, very welcome. Last …

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Trump Destroying American Political System

By Prabasi Nepali In his new book, “Its Even Worse Than You Think. What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America”, the US investigative journalist David Cay Johnston chronicles the slow and steady down sliding in the one year of his administration. Trump is characterized as deeply narcissistic and his …

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Trump Maligns Pakistan & Other Nations End of the Strategic Partnership?

BY PRABASI NEPALI US President Trump’s administration has announced the suspension of about US Dollar 2 billion in security aid to nuclear-armed Pakistan – officially a US ally and strategic partner – over accusations that the country is playing a double game in Afghanistan since decades. Islamabad has denied this …

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Iranian Revolt Against Theocratic Rule

BY PRABASI NEPALI Iran can be said to be a theocratic state, since the clerics and above all the ‘Ayatollahs’ have a large say in the day to day affairs of the state. It cannot also be called a fully democratic state, since the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei can overrule …

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