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On Off the record

A wake up call

By PR Pradhan Bangladesh is not a country not far away from Nepal. The Indian chicken-neck has stood as a barrier in between the two countries, Nepal and Bangladesh. We would have enjoyed common international borders if there was no Indian chicken-neck. Before the independence of India got its independence, …

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Brexit: Lessons to learn

By PR Pradhan The United Kingdom has decided to exit from the European Union, a body of 28-member European countries. The referendum on last Thursday had tried to define the democracy in other ways. The new definition can be that the national security and national identity come first than the …

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From bad to worst

By PR Pradhan Three decades ago, Nepal’s economy was far better than South Korean economy; the value of Nepalese rupees was double than the Thai bhat; China was struggling to feed the population due to poverty; India was suffering from poverty and rampant corruption. Nepal was taking positive path of …

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A nonfunctional “loktantra”

By PR Pradhan It has already been eight months since the promulgation of the new constitution, yet, the leaders are doubtful in the implementation of the constitution. On a transitional basis, the constituent assembly has been transformed into a Legislative Parliament and the new President, Prime Minister, speaker and deputy speaker have …

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What happened to the “gentleman’s agreement”?

By PR Pradhan At the UML standing committee meeting held on Saturday, 4 June, UML chairman and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that there had not been any “gentleman’s agreement’ between the UML and the then UCPNM. However, Oli disclosed the fact that his friends had brought a three-point …

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Oli in Mahendra Path?

These days, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is alleged by the Indians for following the Mahendra Path. According to those leaders who have met with the Indian leaders and officials from the South Block, the Indians are alleging Oli trying to be a follower of Mahendra Path by giving anti-Indian …

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