Monday , October 15 2018
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Recalling Chinese envoy Guohong’s remarks, CPEC and two Koreas

NP Upadhyaya Nepal has now no option left other than to quit the India engineered BIMSTEC Bay of Bengal body with which perhaps Nepal has not even distance relations save the monsoon dark clouds entering Nepal in the rainy season. BIMSTEC has been designed to benefit India and India alone. …

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Indian Army Chief Rawat talks absurd, testing time for PM Oli begins

NP Upadhdhyaya Indian leadership remains in a shocked state. The shock is only but logical in that the Indian regime, the successor of the British India Company, received two severe jolts this time which were at least unexpected to the coercive regime from an “Independent and Sovereign” Nepal. The first …

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PM Modi’s fourth unwanted trip to Nepal, change of guard in Pakistan

By NP Upadhdhya The slain Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi had a fervent desire to gulp Nepal much similar to the way she swallowed the Independent and Sovereign Nation, Sikkim, into the Indian Union through the grand connivance of Lendhup Dorje, a Sikkimese national who had some political differences …

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Political upheavals may grip Nepal; PM Oli may land in trouble soon

By NP Upadhdhya Indian Academician Brahma Chellany recently suggested his own government in Delhi that “India would do well if she asks for an apology from Nepal for all of its past blunders that New Delhi committed on the tiny Himalayan “sovereign” nation” in the past. Perhaps he was talking …

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