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American Angle

Ballpark shooting, backchannel deals and nagging uncertainty

BY M.R. JOSSE GAITHERSBURG, MD: Here in suburban Maryland one is subjected to such a deluge of news, insights, and opinions it is virtually impossible not to be overwhelmed. Attempting a weekly column that seeks to offer a sense, or flavor, of the past week is, thus, not the easiest …

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Trump’s travails obscure key geo-strategic developments

By MR Josse GIATHERSBURG, MD: With the Russia scandal and its attendant political woes hanging over President Donald Trump’s head, no wonder that manifold issues of geo-political significance have received scant scrutiny. Though none may belittle the enormous import of Trump’s political travails – with not a few freely mentioning …

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Trump hangs tough on ‘America First’ while critics rage

GAITHERSBURG, MD: Even in a week characterized by a veritable deluge of jaw-dropping politico-diplomatic developments, American President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement – focused on the internationally agreed-upon goal of reducing global warming – stands out as particularly attention-grabbing. Indeed, although he resisted …

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Takeaways from Trump’s maiden overseas trip

By MR Josse GAITHERSBURG, MD: Launching this new column from the United States, following a month’s hiatus since putting my Kathmandu-datelined ‘Geopolitically Speaking’ column permanently to rest, I believe it appropriate to focus on American President Donald J. Trump’s maiden 9-day diplomatic foray. Trump has returned home to a house …

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