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Know your teens are addict or not?

By Sushant Shrestha The real problem of the Nepali society is intoxicating substances. Teenagers, whom we are considering as a future builder of nation, are busy in experiment with a variety of activities and substances. Unfortunately, this experimentation can lead to substance abuse and addiction. Statistics show that drug abuse …

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Involvement of senior citizens in biodiversity conservation

By Sanju T. Magar The present trend of increasing life expectancy and declining birth rate is bringing unprecedented growth in the number of ageing population. Currently, the number of ageing population accounts for 13% globally and it is estimated that it will be around 22% by 2050. Similarly, in Nepal, …

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State of a beautiful country

By Kushal Thapa Nepal is a beautiful country but all the people living in this beautiful country are not beautiful and some of them are even evil. The bureaucrats, politicians, leaders and many people who matters the most to the country and its people are all corrupt. Nepal could definitely …

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