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Ensure peaceful labour for economic prosperity

BY PRAJWAL SHRESTHA Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is frequently found saying that Nepal is an investment friendly country. How far is this statement true?, as an investor has to face series of hurdles once he makes his investment in the country. First of all, the investor has to face …

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Building the successor generation of women in leadership

Dev raj dahal

BY DEV RAJ DAHAL Introduction Awareness about gender equality is blowing the winds of change, overturning the historical status quo, shattering the grisly gender myths and reshaping women-sensitive policies. The rebellious generation of women has revealed multiple narratives about their experience of freedom, work and recognition. With determination, you can …

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“New” Nepal or ruined Nepal!

BY PRAJWAL SHRESTHA The World Bank has warned that the decline in remittance revenue can be a serious threat to this country. Surely, our economy is not heading towards a right direction. We could not develop industrial environment creating job opportunity for our youths. Industries are closed or say ruined …

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Discouraging foreign investment

By Prajwal Shrestha A section of so-called intellectuals, former senior civil servants have launched a campaign against the mobile and internet service provider Ncell, a joint-venture foreign investment. They are defaming the Ncell on the issue of not paying the revenue on transaction of its shares. The fact is that …

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What happened to the “patriotic” Energy Minister?

By Prajwal Shrestha Nepal is a beautiful country with a huge potential of natural resources. Due to the petty interests of the political leaders and high ranking government officials, the country has been seriously ruined in the economic field. We have enough water for irrigation and also generation of hydropower, …

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Seminar: Shifting bureaucratic culture in Nepal

Govinda Chaulagai Chairman Federation of Nepalese Journalists Journalist, Kathmandu and member of Nepal Press Council There is a solid gathering of prominent journalist in this programme to discuss on the topic and I believe that the prominent personalities of this journalism field should sit down together and discuss the issues …

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A tale of two dystopian societies


By MR Josse – NEW YORK, NY: Recently, I had lamented the incorrigible state of political play in Nepal, ten years post-‘loktantra’ – supposedly transformed into a ridiculously happy republican Utopia. What the Nepali people have had to savor, instead, is the very opposite, as Nepal has degenerated into a …

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Good times and good weather


font size decrease font size increase font size Email The biggest festival of the majority of Nepalis, Dasain, has ended, but the second biggest festival of Tihar is just round the corner. But before going into the “intricacies” of Tihar, let us reflect on the fact that during Dasain, most …

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International Labour Day and changing workforce


By Ajay Gurung The unprecedented demographic transition in the form of ageing population has caused significant changes in the structure of global labour market. Demographic trends show that by 2050, two billion people will be aged 60 or over and 80 percent of them will be living in developing countries. With …

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One year after the devastating earthquake


By Prajwal Shrestha The Indian blockade has become a big excuse for the government as the government has failed to show its performance in helping the earthquake victims. With great fanfare, 12 Baisakh (24 April) was marked as the devastating earthquake memorial day by organizing different programmes. President Vidya Bhandary went …

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