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Nepali economy

Failed economy syndrome!


By Prajwal Shrestha The commercial banks have stopped providing business loans as they are facing liquidity crunch.The banks have hiked the interest rates in fixed deposits to manage the liquidity ratio. There is no money in the market, whereas, the government treasury has increased by hundreds of million rupees as …

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Difficult to understand

By Prajwal Shrestha Nepal is not a rich country having enough funding to invest in the development projects. Therefore, Nepal should select priority projects and utilize the limited resources to complete the priority projects by giving special priority. Of course, we have very limited areas such as water resources, tourism, …

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Can corruption be controlled?

By Prajwal Shrestha The Transparency International (TI) has ranked Nepal as the third most corrupt nation in the South Asia. TI has stated that there is political level corruption in Nepal which is challenging. When the political parties themselves are encouraging corruption and commission, it is virtually difficult to curb …

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India and postal roads

By Prajwal Shrestha According to a report in Nagarik vernacular daily, due to the Indians, construction of the postal roads in Tarai districts was delayed by 13 years.The East-West postal roads were the traditional roads in use earlier to construction of the Mahendra East-West Highway. The roads pass through middle …

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Load-shedding free era

By Prajwal Shrestha The Kathmandu Valley has been declared load shedding free area and the government is making efforts to declare the entire Nepal as a load-shedding free area. We commend the effort of the Energy Minister Janardan Sharma and Kulman Ghising, the general manager of the Nepal Electricity Authority. …

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How is our “loktantrik” economy?

By Prajwal Shrestha As bank reserve has started to decline, the commercial banks have started to incline interest rates in saving deposits. From two percent in normal saving, the banks have started to give 11 to 12 percent in fixed deposits to attract the depositors. Such a trend will take …

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Taking action against people polluting the Bagmati River


Authorities have arrested five persons for throwing trashes into the Bagmati River at Til Ganga on Saturday. They have been fined Rs 5,000 each for their unpleasant action, according to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Town Police. Under the Waste Management Act-2068, those found guilty of disposing garbage in prohibited zones …

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Don’t allow NOC to pocket more profit

By Prajwal Shrestha Just recently, the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), saying that the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) hiked the price of petro-products, has increased the price of the petro-products in the Nepali market. When different consumers group blamed the NOC, in the name of automatic adjustment of price, NOC has …

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Think of Nepal first

By Prajwal Shrestha Just recently, an assembly on power was held in Kathmandu with the slogan “ten thousand MW electricity in 10 years”. Similar seminar with the same slogan was held earlier also but there was no progress at all. The slogan was given by considering construction of the mega …

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Measures needed for a wealthy economy

By Prajwal Shrestha The country’s economy is sick. Foreign trade is the main indicator to know the economic health of a nation. According to reports, in first four month of the current fiscal year, imports have been recorded double than the exports. What measures the government has introduced to curb …

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