Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Last word

Don’t blame the pilots, please!

By D.M.Thapa The people heard with shock about two deadly air accidents in the country. Luckily there were no passengers on both the flights. One flight of Goma Air was preparing to land in the difficult Lukla airport when it crashed and both of the pilots died. The other crash …

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So what will happen now?

By D.M.Thapa Well, finally Pushpa Kamal Dahal has resigned as prime minister, the top post in the government. This is the second time he has resigned as prime minister before he completed his term. Not that I admire this man, because he caused a lot of misery to hundreds of …

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A dismal scenario

By D.M. Thapa It is good that at least some local bodies now have elected individuals, though of course again the traditional political parties — the CPN (UML) and the Nepali Congress — have dominated the scenario. The thing is the representatives of these parties are no better than the …

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Now wait for the budget and second phase election

By D.M. Thapa Whether some people like it or not, we have to give a honeymoon period to the newly elected member of the local bodies. They deserve it. This is because people have had to deal with corrupt junior government officials who took over the task of heading local …

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Disaster in waiting for the country

By D. M Thapa The media and the political parties in power started it all. There has been much hullabaloo about the local election that will take place within a few days. But what will the country and countrymen get out of it is still unknown. The political leaders give …

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Good times and good weather


font size decrease font size increase font size Email The biggest festival of the majority of Nepalis, Dasain, has ended, but the second biggest festival of Tihar is just round the corner. But before going into the “intricacies” of Tihar, let us reflect on the fact that during Dasain, most …

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