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Delaying tactics of Deuba unjustified

BY DR. S.CHANDRASEKHARAN It is more than a month since the elections under the new constitution took place. Still, there appears to be no immediate chance of the new government being formed. It may take another month or even more and as one commentator said that perhaps it may need …

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Stalemate in smooth transfer of power?

Rajendra Bahadur Shrestha

BY DR. RAJENDRA B. SHRESTHA Nepali electorate has decided they want an end to political instability that has impeded development as a result of no one party winning a majority to form a stable government for the full term in the past. The new election results clearly indicate a comfortable …

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King Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great


BY DIRGHA RAJ PRASAI Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal is the pride of this country. The great hero Prithvi Narayan Shah was born in Gorkha on 27 Pous 1779 B.S. Since 1768, a strong unitary sovereign nation was created with the involvement of the indigenous people. The indigenous people …

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Nepal: Post election tremors

BY DR. S. CHANDRA SEKHARAN It looks that it may take a month for the new government to take over. The delay is mainly due to failure of the political parties to reach a consensus on whether the mode of election to the Upper House should be by “Single transferable …

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Catch the Chinese train

Pushpa Raj Pradhan

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan There is a popular saying in Nepali, “Time and Tide Never Wait for anyone”. We have talked much about the 19th NC CPC and Belt and Road Initiative of China. Now, it is the time to materialize talks by importing Chinese investments for infrastructural development and …

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Indian jealousy unlimited; CPEC unstoppable now

NP Upadhya

BY N. P. UPADHYAYA Indian jealousy, as is its convention, has increased in these days and recent weeks observing the stunning developments that have taken place against its desire and hope in and around the entire South Asian region. Positive developments, as they are, however, the Indian regime has taken …

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Revision of transboundary river treaties


BY RATNA SANSAR SHRESTHA, FCA Transboundary river means river that transcends boundaries. Rivers crossing boundaries of multiple users, countries and regions are transboundary rivers. Even lakes can be transboundary if shared by a number of countries (like Lake Superior in North America). In Nepal’s context Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali are …

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The biggest loser in Nepal’s elections

PRAKASH A. RAJ Nepali Congress, the grand old party of Nepal was reduced from the largest to a third place as a result of parliamentary and provincial elections held in November-December this year. Rashtriya Prajatantra party (RPP) a pro-Hindutva party, supporting constitutional monarchy could win only one seat in first-past-the-post …

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Global trade at risk from Trump in 2018

By Robert A. Manning More uncertainty looms over the future of the global trading system than at any time since it was created after World War II. With decisions likely on the future of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), the …

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