Wednesday , April 26 2017
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International Affairs in Flux

By Prabasi Nepali Asia Domestic Constitutional Election Threshold There was some discussion among the larger political parties of amending the constitution to introduce an election threshold –- restrictive clause — of 3 percent, i.e. political parties that do not obtain at least this percentage of the total vote in the …

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Reinventing federalism in Nepal


By Shambhu Deo Nepal’s politics is in a crux while implementing federalism through amendment of the constitution.Nepal’s constitution 2015 has prominently changed Nepal into a secular federal republic state. There are seven provinces based on identity and capability and is being criticized by various sectors since promulgation.Tarai-based parties demand only …

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Rampant corruption in Nepal


By Divya Singh Rathore Corruption is the disease of the world. On 31 October 2003, the United Nations drafted a convention against corruption and finally it was singed on 9 December 2003, one hundred and ninety-four countries of the world are the parties of this convention. Article 5 to 14 …

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The World in Shock after Trump Victory

By Prabasi Nepali Domestic Nepalese Diplomacy in the Doldrums The Maoist-Nepali Congress government claims that it has been very successful in the honeymoon period of a hundred days, but in the field of foreign affairs, it has been an abject failure. It has unnecessarily given primacy to relations with our …

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Nepal’s integrity and implementation of the constitution


By Shambhu Deo Constitution of Nepal Amidst of the discrepancies, Nepal promulgated the long awaited constitution on September 20, 2015 through the second Constituent Assembly with a 90 percent voting. A 12-Ponit Understanding signed with supportof some Indian political forces in Delhi, India, between the Seven Political Parties within the …

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US Presidential Election Grips the World

By Prabasi Nepali Neighbors After the Indian President Visits Nepal After the president’s visit, Nepali Congress (NC) president SherBahadurDeuba addressed the 3rd India Ideal Conclave organized by the India Foundation in Goa, India. He claimed that India was Nepal’s “closest” neighbor as both were linked by religion, culture, language and …

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World in Turmoil

By Prabasi Nepali Neighbours SAARC The summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was supposed to have been held in Islamabad this coming November. However, following the supposed attack by Islamic militants on an Indian outpost in Kashmir on India’s side of the de facto border (LoC/Line …

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Hope for ‘One Asia’


By Suresh Acharya The International Conference on Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), in its ‘Kuala Lumpur Declaration’ has reaffirmed that sovereignty, territorial integrity and equality of all nations, peaceful settlement of international conflicts and non-interference in internal affairs. The ICAPP has become a major and unique political force open to all …

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