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How Nepal Sambat can be made practical

By Laba Lal Pradhan Lunar calendar was developed first by the experience of human naked eye. There is a gap of about 30 days from oneaunshi  (new moon) to next aunshi, This gap of about 30 days  was counted as a month in the lunar calendar. They also discovered that …

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Fifty years of partnership with ADB and Nepal’s development


By Sharachchandra Bhandary In five decades since its establishment in 1966, Asian Development Bank has been instrumental in carrying out development efforts undertaken by the Government of Nepal. ADB’s contribution in raising life standard of Nepali people via various entrepreneurship development programs, social sector growth and economic prosperity has been …

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Soft Power & Strategic Perspective

By Prabasi Nepali Neighbours India India has long been a source of inspiration for many Nepalese, and its government right since its independence the fountainhead of guidance for most Nepalese leaders. Unfortunately, for many uninspired countrymen who have not seen the light, it has remained the “Mughlan (since the time …

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Mushroom cultivation: A spark to the Nepali agriculture

3/22/2013--Shelton, WA, USA

Pioppini mushrooms (Agrocybe aegerita)  from Fungi Perfecti.

Paul Stamets, 57, is an American mycologist, author, and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal mushrooms and owner of Fungi Perfecti, a family run business that specializes in making gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

©2013 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.

By Nabraj Khanal Simply, mushroom is an edible fungus. In Nepal, it is a fast growing sector of agriculture because of its short high returns. Nepal is also a country where mushroom can be cultivated throughout the year under natural environmental conditions. So, mushroom cultivation could be the milestone in …

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Great warrior King Prithvi Narayan Shah


By Dirgha Raj Prasai We, the Nepalese people, observe National Unity Day and birth anniversary of the great warrior King Prithvi Narayan Shah on 27 Pous (11 January). Although the government of traitors has stopped observing national unity day on 27 Pous, people have not stopped celebrating the Day with …

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Small State & Super Power both Ignore National Interests

By Prabasi Nepali Domestic Nepal’s Foreign Policy in the Doldrums There has been some public discussion about the role of the great King Prithivi Narayan Shah in nation-building and the need to re-establish ‘Poush 27’ as ‘National Unity Day’. However, it seems that the debate is largely confined to the …

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2017: Hopeful, but Prepare for the Worst

By Prabasi Nepali Domestic The United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) declared last Friday that it would not accept any elections — at the local, district or national level — before the adoption of the constitution amendment bill currently registered in parliament. The umbrella organization of the seven Madhes-based political parties …

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Patriotism, nationalism and other political ideologies to build New Nepal


By Shambhu Deo Patriotism contributes to nationalism. Nationalism is the most powerful ideology, which wins always against liberalism in their clashes. Liberalization, socialism, communism, democracy, republic, secularism, federalism for power and resource sharing are common ideologies and terms hitting political waves in Nepal. Nepal is prosperous in terms of patriotism, …

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India should be more open for Sino-Nepalese cooperation


By Xu Liping Indian media reported recently that Nepal would hold its first ever joint military exercise with China on February 10, 2017. Indian media said the joint military exercise appeared unconventional. But so far the news has not been officially confirmed by China and Nepal. Indian media hyping up …

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