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Baburam Bhattarai: Myth of intellectual elitism


By Bhrikuti Niroula When I see and hear Baburam Bhattarai, I have trouble understanding the meaning of ‘intellectual elitist’ that he thinks he is due to his self-touted academic credentials. What an intellectual person should look and act like? Wise, broad-minded, forward-looking, empathetic, humble, brave, honest, well-mannered, self-disciplined, visionary etc.; …

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Dahal as the PM


By Dr. S. Chandrasekharan Oli Resigns: On the 25th of July, moments before the voting of the No confidence motion in the Assembly, Oli tendered his resignation.  The President had given a week’s time to the parties to decide on the future Prime Minister. Oli was bitter.  He had reasons …

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Media in the mediation of social cleavages


By Dev Raj Dahal Introduction Nepali media have played important roles in political education, democratic movement and peace process through the resonance of sound, image and text. They had led a number of practical rescue missions when citizens were trapped by conflict and earthquake. The constitutional responsibility of the media …

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Building the successor generation of women in leadership

Dev raj dahal

BY DEV RAJ DAHAL Introduction Awareness about gender equality is blowing the winds of change, overturning the historical status quo, shattering the grisly gender myths and reshaping women-sensitive policies. The rebellious generation of women has revealed multiple narratives about their experience of freedom, work and recognition. With determination, you can …

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Seminar: Shifting bureaucratic culture in Nepal

Govinda Chaulagai Chairman Federation of Nepalese Journalists Journalist, Kathmandu and member of Nepal Press Council There is a solid gathering of prominent journalist in this programme to discuss on the topic and I believe that the prominent personalities of this journalism field should sit down together and discuss the issues …

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International Labour Day and changing workforce


By Ajay Gurung The unprecedented demographic transition in the form of ageing population has caused significant changes in the structure of global labour market. Demographic trends show that by 2050, two billion people will be aged 60 or over and 80 percent of them will be living in developing countries. With …

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