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Saving Nepal’s democracy from its “democrats”

PM Oli has much to deliver BY BIHARI KRISHNA SHRESTHA In 2015, a Washington think tank, New America, published the findings of two democracy researchers, Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk, who said, “The United States is not the only country in which the population has grown fiercely critical of democracy …

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Nonstop struggle for self-determination

By Irfan THE decades’ old Kashmir struggle is not a story of single day but it comprises unknown bloodshed and sacrifices which paved the way for this struggle to continue and deter occupation forces. July 13 is marked as Kashmir Martyrs Day throughout the world. The Day is a milestone …

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The only alternate to save nation


BY DIRGHARAJ PRASAI If Nepal can become prosperous without the institution of monarchy, there is no need to debate on the restoration of this institution, but if we feel that this institution is essential to safeguard Nepal’s sovereignty and independence, why should we hesitate from respecting and restoring this institution? …

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Pollution hits Kathmandu

BY SHANKAR BHANDARI Kathmandu is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in South Asia. The Valley is surrounded by hills forming bowl-shaped topography, which restricts wind movement and retains the pollutants in the atmosphere. Simply the component that alters the inherent compositional property of air is termed as air …

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Comparison: Lesotho and Nepal

DR. AB THAPA Even the most underdeveloped landlocked country Lesotho, which is also an enclave, was able based on international law (Ref) to reach an agreement with South Africa to use the proceeds from the supply to the latter regulated water discharged after power generation to construct free of cost …

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High expectations from Nepal PM’s China visit

BY YOGESHWAR ROMKHAMI Nepali Prime Minister  K.P. Sharma Oli’s visit to China on June 19-24 carries immense importance for bilateral relations, with a slew of agreements lined up in trade, commerce and infrastructure. Various ministries are working to do the homework, mainly on energy, railway and trade. The prime focus …

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Nepal’s electricity to force India to kneel

Ratna Sansar Shrestha

BY RATNA SANSAR SHRESTHA, FCA Some Nepali dream of bringing India to her knees by simply switching off supply, after she becomes dependent on Nepal’s electricity! Their idea is for Nepal to export electricity to India to make her dependent on Nepal. There are others that attribute Bhutan’s “prosperity” to …

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Indian secularism under threat: from Ahimsa to Himsa

BY JAMES THE fundamental goal of Buddhism is peace, not only in this world but in all the worlds. The Hindu philosophy of war and peace can be seen in sacred Hindu texts such as the Vedas, The Law of Manu and the Bhaghavad Ghita. In Hinduism, violence is always …

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