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Brits, take care of your island nation first

By Khagen Shrestha:

The name Great Britain already suggests how great this country was in the days gone by. From America to South America and many Asian nations, including India, it had all of them under control for a long, long time. But it is now a mere small country where there are threats of some other smaller states splitting from what is still now known as Britain, though it is great no more.

But the hangover still seems to be there and they still think that they can be the “big empire” of the world just through the money and funds it gives to poor and tiny nations like Nepal for example. They have a handy foundation called DIFID, which scatters funds in many poor countries. We have a DIFID office here in Kathmandu as well and it has been playing a more negative role than in really improving the standards of the Nepalese people. Of course besides the cunning Brits who are here taking hefty salaries and mouth watering perks, there are many Nepali politicians, intellectuals and media persons among others who are acting as their stooges and filling their pockets in whatever way they can. Sometimes even working as part time rapporteurs. I was also called as a consultant in a very private meeting DIFID had organized, and I was quite surprised to see a journalist, who called himself an intellectual and independent person, just typing what his bosses and we were saying. Just this should be enough to say how really the so-called media people are.

But to go back to Britain, apart from the constant fight for disunity amidst themselves, the weather is also so bad that it is not a fit place for any others than the Vikings of further Northern colder places to stay in. If one looks at the past history of Britain, it was the most autocratic country and ordinary people were treated virtually as slaves, but still they were mad to pay heavy taxes which they could not afford. Even in fiction there is the tale of Robin Hood who stole from the richer people and gave away funds to the poor and suffering people.

However, the Brits are only trying to intervene in other countries, by following in the footsteps of the United States, which saved it from being strangulated by the then powerful Germany. If Germany had not opened wars on many fronts, there would be no Great Britain right now. We wish Great Britain remains as they have taken as lot of Nepali people under its protection and given them a place to live with social security and health facilities, but still, even to those Nepali people, I say that place is a no good place to stay compared to Nepal at least in terms of weather and climate, if nothing else.

Just last week I had written in this very weekly “Yanks Go Home”, I am saying the same thing to the Brits now.

Great Britain is no more great like I already said before, it could be tinier than it is now if the Scots, Welsh and Northern Ireland prefer to split from even this tiny island nation which lives in glory of the past. So Brits go and look after your own tiny island before intervening and interfering on other foreign lands either in the name of DIFID or other organizations. Nepal has had enough of British interference even before the Sughauli Treaty of 1816. It can take care of itself, don’t make it like another trouble ridden country of Africa where tribes and territories were deliberately carved by the then British Empire.

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