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Bishwakarma re-arrested for building image?

By Our Reporter
Why is the government, even by violating the Supreme Court’s order, re-arresting Khadga Bahadur Bishwakarma again and again, it is very much surprising.
Bishwakarma is not a high-profile leader of the Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand “Biplav”. He is the spokesman of the party. In the past, he had become the tourism and civil aviation minister. Later, after the split in the party, Bishwakarma sided with Chand.
Building image?:
A longtime friend of home minister Rambahadur Thapa, Bishwakarma fought the “people’s war” together with Thapa. They were together in many “wars” against the government security force.
Today, Thapa is saying that he is not going to forgive those who are involved in violence by violating the laws of the nation.
From the government act of re-arresting Bishwakarma by the police immediately after his release order from the court it has given a new height to Bishwakarma and also the semi-underground party CPN led by Chand.
A section of political observers believe that Thapa is not satisfied with the present party leadership. Thapa wanted to initiate different actions including punishing the construction contractors, ending the syndicate system in the transportation sector, regulating suspicious INGOs/NGOs and also catching big fishes involved in the 33 kg gold smuggling case. He didn’t get support from his party’s supreme leaders for enforcing these moves which the people approved. Therefore, he is highly dissatisfied from the act of the party leadership.
In the meantime, there are rumours that very soon, Thapa is going to be dropped from the present cabinet and Janardan Sharma Pravakar is going to replace him.
According to those who are close to Thapa, sooner or later, he is going to shift aside from the CPN and planning to join the Chand led party. Not only Thapa, but a big chunk of dissatisfied leaders are going to split from the party, the source said. Also, Gopal Kirati, who has already quit the party is going to join the Chand led party. Therefore, Thapa is playing the role to give more height to the Chand led party, the source claimed.

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