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Behind the Left alliance

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnThe National Christian Society Unity Center Nepal has publicly requested to all the Christians in Nepal to vote for the Left alliance in the direct elections and to vote for the Maoist Center in the proportional elections in the upcoming provincial and federal parliament elections to ensure religious freedom, safeguarding the nation and for sustainable development of the nation. This is an evidence of who were behind the Maoist insurgency in Nepal and who were active in developing the Left alliance!
Christian funds were massively used in the Maoist insurgency in the country, Therefore it is no surprise something like this is happening now, Sonia Gandhi’s Indian Congress and its organs such as RAW and South Block had also provided all kinds of support, including arms and cash to the Maoists to destabilize a peaceful country like Nepal. The Western countries campaigning for Christianity had funded the Maoists to destroy Nepal’s own traditional identity by declaring Nepal a secular federal republic. Mushrooming of Churches in the Kathmandu Valley and also remote parts of Nepal at present is the gift of the Maoist “people’s war” in Nepal to the Westerners.
The Christians wanted to remove Nepal’s glory and thus King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great is not accepted for them as he was the hero who had stopped Christianity campaign in Nepal and had declared Nepal a pure Hindusthan.
Today, Nepal is known as the country of holidays. Even in small festival of a certain community, the entire nation enjoys national holiday but the Maoists are strongly against giving national holiday on the birth anniversary of the Great King on 27 Pous, as their main funding source is the Christians. Daura-Surwal is our traditional dress but the Maoists are fond of wearing suit as they are receiving funding from the Christians. Our traditional national dress has been removed by multi-coloured western dresses.
Nevertheless, the Nepali people have already identified the true picture of the Maoists. Therefore, in the local elections, the Maoists were able to secure only third position, that also a poor third position, and the prime leaders of the party were likely to be defeated in the upcoming elections and the party was on the verge of collapse. If the Left alliance was not forged, the Maoists could hardly secure their position.
Therefore, the westerners, who are serving their interests by using the Maoists, played a vital role in forging the Left alliance just to save the Maoists. Now, the Christian community is openly campaigning to vote for the Maoists in the country.
The Left alliance, which has been formed with active involvement of the West is not a real communist alliance but an alliance of the political parties who are serving the Western interests as the source of funding of both the two big partners in the alliance is the West. The UML is identified as the party run by INGOs and the Maoist Center is the party run by the Christians. Hence, there is no doubt that the Left alliance is a design concocted by the West, At least I have reached to this conclusion.

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