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Beauty of “loktantra”: Squeezing poor citizens?

By Our Reporter
We have acute shortage of development fund to invest in infrastructural sector development. Even by knowing the reality, our “revolutionary” leaders have introduced such an expensive political system, in which, we have to feed a large number of political leaders with attractive salary, allowances and other facilities. To feed these political leaders from the federal structure to the provincial and local structure, the government has no other alternates except from imposing and increasing tax on every item and every sector.
The government has introduced 13 percent VAT on internet service. Already, Nepal’s internet service is considered as expensive compared to other countries, it has become more expensive after the government plan to impose tax on it. The government has decided to increase tax by many folds while downloading foreign TV channels. Ultimately, TV channels will charge the increased download charge from their subscribers.
While receiving services from the local body such as recommendation for citizenship certificate, marriage and death verification certificate, including in all services fee has been increased by many times more than in the past.
There is nothing free that we receive from the government. The new definition of socialism prescribed by our leaders could be squeezing citizens from all sides!

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