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Bamdev Gautam under Prachanda’s game-plan

Kathmandu, 12 October: Finally, Bamdev Gautam has decided for not contesting by-poll from Kathmandu Constituency No 7 after massive opposition from the social networks, media outlets and from the Communist Party of Nepal as well.

When Bamdev Gautam wished to become the elected member of Parliament, the party made efforts to make vacant one seat for him. Efforts were made to make vacant on constituency for Gautam in different districts, however, the elected MPs didn’t want to quit the post. Finally, the party leaderships were able to convince the MP elected from Kathmandu Constituency No 7.

Since the MP representing Kathmandu Constituency No 7, announce his resignation, general public made sarong reaction against the party’s decision, which compelled Gautam to take back his decision.

Prachanda’s politics: Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda, co-chairman of the party, who wants to become the next party chairman, has analysed that Gautam has always played key role in the party elections in the past. The Gautam group has been seen decisive in the party election. KP Oli has already assured Prachanda to support him in the party election. However, Madhav Nepal is also preparing for contesting election to the post of party chairman. Therefore, Prachanda cannot become the party chairman unopposed. Prachanda believes that the former Maoist Center voters are intact and they will vote for Prachanda. The Oli faction will also vote for Prachanda, he has believed. But these votes may not be enough for Prachanda to secure the post of the party chairman.

Therefore, of late, Prachanda has developed very closed relations with Gautam. Prachanda, for many times, has provoked Gautam saying, “There has been seen your absence in the Parliament. You should come to the Parliament at any cost.”

Gautam is one among the senior leaders who had lost election even after election alliance between the then UML and Maoist Center. Gautam believes that he was betrayed by the KP Oli camp. Since then, Oli-Gautam relations are not cordial. However, Prachanda is trying to make stronghold in the party and playing different strategy with different factions in the party.

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