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Bangladesh embassy celebrates Bangladesh’s graduation from LDC

By Our Reporter Bangladesh embassy celebrated Bangladesh’s graduation from LDC status by organising a seminar “LDC Graduation Process of Bangladesh: Learning for Nepal” in collaboration with a reputed local think tank the Institute of Strategic and Socio-Economic Research (ISSR) in Kathmandu last week. Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal attended …

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President to address the House on May 21

President Bidya Devi Bhandari addresses  Parliament session

By Our Reporter President Bidya Devi Bhandari is scheduled to unveil the policy and programmes of the government for the year 2018/19 at the Federal Parliament on May 21. A meeting of the Council Of Ministers held on Monday decided to request the President for the same. According to Minister …

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Modi’s ‘Hindu diplomacy’, shades of Tanakpur and all that


BY M.R. JOSSE KATHMANDU: This new column grants prime cognizance to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s just concluded, bizarre two-day visit as it happened, coincidentally enough, soon after yours truly returned home following a year’s absence in the United States. Since much purple prose will inevitably flow on the supposed …

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Guardianless Nepal againduped by Indian PM Modi

NP Upadhya

BY N. P. UPADHYAYA Indian PM Modi’s fresh visit to Nepal has exposed many a Nepali nationals, political parties and some of the prominent leaders of Nepal. The leaders and the political parties that were considered as pro-India for having supported the Indian blockade imposed on Nepal have suddenly become …

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Modi’s pilgrimage to Nepal


By PR Pradhan After all, the third visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Nepal could not remain out of controversy. Modi apparently said, at least according to the media, satisfied from the visit and believed that the visit was a historical one and it has given a “new …

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The L-shaped lump in our throat


BY MAILA BAJE What a beleaguered Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba had discharged as pre-emptive disparagement finally seems to have caught up with Prime Minister K.P. Oli. Anticipating the post-election backlash within the party, Deuba began portraying Oli’s India policy as ‘lampasarbad’. Not that the appellation was novel by …

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Leaf Fallen


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be congratulated. His third foray into Nepal has rendered naked Nepali democracy and constitutionalism. His wisely invested upon whirlwind entry through Janakpur demonstrated the Indian advantage in Nepali Federalism by allowing him separate largesse in State Number Two which can now officially proclaim its …

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* Malaysia: Election Upset * Iran Nuclear Deal Derailment: Fallout

Mega Bank

BY PRABASI NEPALI Malaysia: Victory for Democracy In Malaysia, for the first time since independence from Britain in 1957, the ruling party, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and its government coalition Barisan Nasional was ousted from power in a major election upset. The opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition of several …

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RPP’s Blurred Identity


BY P. KHAREL Rastriya Prajatantra Party and its variants are a far cry from what they were until the start of last winter. So marginalised have they been that their form and force can hardly be found recognisable this spring. The power they pursued with such lust is lost for …

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