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Nation at crucial juncture

By Our Reporter The political parties in the government have decided to hold the 14 May election at any cost, whereas, the Madheshi Front has announced its protest programs to disturb the elections at any cost. Both the sides are prepared for confrontation from which the politics may take a …

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Local polls still look uncertain

By Our Reporter Although local poll is now only 25 days away,, it is still uncertain whether the election will be held on the scheduled date of May 14, and if they are held, will they be conducted in a single phase. Conflicting views of the ministers and the leaders …

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Dahal for national government

By Our Reporter The other day Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal said that he is making efforts to form a national government in the process of implementation of the constitution. Dahal had expressed the commitment to NC president SherBahadurDeuba that following the gentleman agreement held before formation of the present government …

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UDMF rejects amendment bill, announces agitation prorammes

By Our Reporter Outright rejection of the new amendment bill submitted by the government in the parliament by the United Democratic Madhesi Front, an alliance of seven regional parties, has dealt a blow to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and NC president SherBahadurDeuba. These two leaders were hopeful that the …

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How strong is republicanism?

If RPP, having belief on Hindu Kingdom, will withdraw its support from the government, the powerful republican Prime Minister PushpakamalDahal will fall down to the streets. The present constitution having secular, federal republic characteristics seems to have been facing serious crisis that if RPP will not give support to the …

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As if the government has no business!

By Our Reporter The government has already declared above 100 days as national holidays in different occasions, including the holiday on the Christmas Day. In addition, the government had announced national holiday on the day of arrival of the Indian President. Also, the government has announced national holiday in advance …

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RPP submits another memorandum to EC

By Our Reporter Rastriya Prajatantra Party has submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission asking the latter to review its decision to remove ‘Hindu State’ and ‘Monrachy’ from the party’s constitution. Party vice chair Buddhiman Tamang submitted the memorandum on behalf of party president KamalThapa on Sunday. The EC a …

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A pocket guide to the birds of Nepal


A pocket guide to the birds of Nepal is a book where photo of birds and their description is written. Images from non-digital media as early as 1992 to recent digital ones as of October 2016 have been included. In this book there are collections of some common and uncommon …

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Flashback: Freedom, Fluster And Fatalism


By Maila Baje Viewed from a section of the south, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s northern sojourn was a damp squib. That the Maoists’, like their ideologically disparate forerunners in power, never intended to set off fireworks, was beside the point. Beijing, according to the dominant Indian media storyline, did …

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