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Attempt to finish Nepali language?

By Our Reporter
After the abolition of Monarchy, disturbing the communal and religious harmony and sowing the seed of division among the people living in different geographies in the name of federalism, now attempts are underway to finish the Nepali language as well as Nepali literature.  These people have very carefully launched the dangerous design with a slogan of ending the practice of ‘writing half and joint alphabets’ stating that these forms of writing do not match with the pronunciation of the words. However, ending the practice of writing joint alphabet and half alphabet will be enough to kill the language and Nepali literatures.
The school level students of today who are taught not to write half alphabet and joint letter will not be able to read and grasp the works of our poets and writers like Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Bhimnidhi Tiwari, Bhiarav Aryal, Bal Krishna Sama, whose contribution to enrich Nepali language and culture has been immense.
The campaign to maintain uniformity in the graphic and phonetic frm of Nepali language itself looks faulty as such uniformity does not exist even in English. Pronunciation of the same words varies on the basis of their usage in English. For example, ‘use’ and ‘read’. John read the letter yesterday. We read our text every evening.  In these sentences, the pronunciation of ‘read’ is not the same. Likewise, pronunciations of ‘but’ and ‘put’ or ‘busy’ and ‘bury’ are not same though they have the same vowel in the same place. There are several words in English whose graphic form is not same with their phonetic form. Still, some so-called language experts in Nepal have been launching a campaign to maintain uniformity.
Of course, a language changes gradually in course of time. We notice such change also in the usage of Nepali words. But such changes are natural. No one launched any campaign for such change. But now a campaign has been in place to bring about a change in the writing form of Nepali language with an ill-intention of finishing the language itself. This has caused not only anarchy but a division in the society.  Ironically, these anarchists had their upper hand when Dinnath Sharma of the Maoist Centre was Education Minister. Then he had allowed the pro-anarchists to make a change in the school curriculum. As a result, the school level Nepali books have already become free from ‘half alphabet’ and ‘joint alphabet’. However, Sharma has regretted for his decision
Although it is not known which international organisation or group is funding to weaken Nepali language by creating anarchy in its writing form, a handful of Nepalese have become a handy tool for the organisation to finish Nepali language first and then cultures and arts of people. Interestingly, many of those who are now inviting anarchy in language had at times worked in different international organisations like the UN.
Fed up with the anarchy created by a section of professors and teachers of Nepali language, the Central Department of Nepali under the Tribhuvan University has recently objected to the campaign stating that the move was being launched to end the practice of writing  ‘joint alphabet’ and ‘ half alphabet’ and correcting the grammar has created a sort of anarchy and confusion among the users and writers of Nepali language.
Of late, workshops and seminars are being organised to preserve Nepali language and its standard writing. Many linguists, writers and journalists have expressed their ire against the government for not taking any step to preserve Nepali language. Some claim that the move was launched to end the influence of Sanskrit in Nepali language and thereby the Hindu religion.
Recently, journalist and former chairman of Federation of Nepali Journalists Bishnu Nisthuri in meeting of ‘Preserve Nepali Language’ campaigners in Kathmandu pointed a need for a strong stir to save Nepali language from the agents of international organizations which are bent to weaken the fabrics of Nepali society in the name of secularism, federalism and uniformity in the writing and speech forms of Nepali language.
“They are doing all these things in the hope of thickening their wallets with dollars,” he said.

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