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Arrogant Oli’s narrow mindedness

Kathmandu, 18 June: Prime Minister Khagda Oli plays down to his the senior leaders of his party. He always works to the end that makes him feel superior underestimates all others even his partner Prachand. His narrow mindedness and arrogance knows no bounds.

According to NayaPatrika daily, the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is ruling the nation but the role of NCP in steering the Government is almost nil. More than a year has passed since the unification of the party but no Central Committee Meeting has taken place. In the past 13 months, the meeting of the Standing Committee convened only twice.

The relation between him and the members of his Cabinet is not so cordial. Whenever any member tries to put forth his views in the meeting of the Cabinet he simply ignores him/her and diverts the topic. Minister for Information and Communication Technology Gokul Banskota is the sole member of the Cabinet who has direct link with him.

Oli never confers with JN Khanal and Madhav Kumar Nepal on any issues of national interest. The situation so worse that these top leaders know the issues through media and general public.So is the case of several controversial bills forwarded to the parliament. The ruling party lawmakers are unaware of them including the budget and other programmes. Not only parliamentarians but also the Chief Whip Dev Gurung speaks against the bills as they are not shared the contents of the bills.

Oli lacks coordination with the bureaucracy and he directs the secretaries of several ministries to keep an eye on their ministers. He also transfers secretaries according to his whim. The paper has portrayed Bishnu Rimal, Bishnu Paudel, Subas Nembang, Gokul Banskota, Lok Darshan Regmi and Rajan Bhattarai as his trusted right-hands.

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