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Anarchism in the name of loktantra

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
Is the court independent? Practically no! The court is under the parliament and the parliament is under the government or say under the prime minister. When the court and the parliament goes under the government, the government becomes totalitarian. This has been witnessed in the present day Nepal.
Rule of law is being questioned seriously.
Swearing in of Resham Chaudhari, who is facing a jail term on a murder charge as the member of parliament has raised the question of morality of the government. Even legal experts are not satisfied from such a performance of the government.
The parliament members have warned the chief justice of the Supreme Court saying that any time he may face impeachment if the works of the Supreme Court will not satisfy the parliament members. In such a situation, the Supreme Court cannot work independently and every decision of the Court can be questioned.
Is the parliament independent? Of course not. In the name of two-thirds majority, the government has made serious objections on the parliament’s works. Just recently, against the investigation of the sub-committee under the Public Accounts Committee, the government has formed another commission to investigate on the corruption deal while purchasing two wide-body aircraft by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC). As per the West Minister system, the parliament is considered as the supreme body which holds the capacity to control the government and if needed the parliament can topple down the government. Therefore, the government is a product of the parliament. Therefore, the government should respect the parliament. However, in Nepal, the government, instead of implementation of the sub-committee report against corruption, has challenged the parliament.
Formation of another probe committee is believed to be an attempt to give clean chit to those corrupt people. Everybody knows that the wide body purchase plan was developed by Sugatratna Kangsakar and he has not enjoyed the commission alone but has given shares to the leaders of the political parties and media tycoons. Therefore, instead of being suspended and punished, he is still working as the general manager. Interestingly, to save him and those others who were involved in the purchase deal, the minister for civil aviation and tourism had constituted a probe committee and the committee had found everything natural while purchasing the two aircraft. Even after the government attempt to make the deal fair, the public accounts comitee wanted to investigate on the deal and found the deal illegal. But the prime minister is not satisfied from the report and thus he formed another probe committee, which is taken as a challenge on the works of the powerful parliament.
In the meantime, the government is performing as the western agent and trying to please the western powers by making unhappy both the big neighbours of Nepal India and China. The PM’s announcement to review on the national holidays and give holiday on the festivals of different ethnic communities is just an attempt to please the westerners who are trying to intensify communal dispute in Nepal.
Meanwhile, there is a great respect on King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, founder of the present modern Nepal among the Nepali people but the westerners, who are trying to remove Nepal’s own identity, culture and traditions, has always tried to defame the glorious history of those brave Nepalis and King Prihivinarayan Shah. To please those foreign elements, the foreign puppet political leaders have ended the tradition of celebrating King Prihhivinarayan Shah’s birth anniversary as the national unity day. Even when the government is thinking to grant 14 national holidays for the ethnic community including the Christian community, the present government has forgotten the Great King’s contribution in building of the present day Nepal.
Moreover, when the government has decided to give holiday on religious day of different communities, it has cut-down holidays on many religious days celebrated by Hindus who occupy above 92 percent of the population.
To conclude, the government performance is not only dictatorial but intended to destroy Nepali civilization.

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