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American plan to stop China in Nepal

By Our Political Analyst
Highly placed sources claim that the US government is putting pressure on the Oli led government for maintaining distance with China — especially for not joining hands with her on the Belt and Road Initiative.
Accordingly, Americans have used different channels for not rewarding Chinese telecom company Huawei in the government projects. The government had tried to delay the 4G installation project under the Nepal Telecom, for which, Huawei and ZTE companies were rewarded one year ago. Finally, in spite of the American pressure, last week, the two Chinese companies have been formally assigned for 4G installation project. However, the Chinese companies are unlikely to get 5G installation project under the Nepal Telecom.
Delay on signing the final contract on the 4G installation project was made due to the American pressure, according to sources.
Such Americans have warned to create problem to the Oli government if Nepal will develop partnership with China in infrastructure development projects under BRI.
Sources say that America would not release the already announced funds to Nepal if Nepal will develop partnership with China. Also, Americans may influence the World Bank, IMF, ADB for curtailing investment for infrastructure development in Nepal. Similarly, the European countries under the American side may also perform non-cooperation with the Oli government.
As American reaction to bring Nepal under a trap, a joint statement on the transitional justice process was issued by the western ambassadors in Kathmandu. If the government will not listen to the Americans, Nepal’s Supreme Court can be used against the government, said a source.

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