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Agitation season starts

By Our Reporter
Nepal is a unique country having different political character. Every time, the political agitations start after the festival season (Dasain, Tihar and Chhat) and ends along with the beginning of the rainy season.
The agitation launched during the rainy season has never become forceful and decisive. Therefore, the political parties in agitation will wait for the end of the festival season to begin their agitation once more.
The Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) has already warned the government that it will launch a fresh agitation after the festival season is over. First of all, the party is thinking to withdraw its support to the government. Then if the constitution is not amended as per the agreement between the RJP and the government, the RJP plans to launch an agitation for fulfilling its demands.
RJP is expecting the Nepali Congress’ support as different NC leaders have warned the government to heat the streets if the government will continue to practice authoritarian rule. To heat the streets, NC also needs support from RJP and others.
Indian general elections and Nepali politics:
The Indian leaders are engaged in their domestic politics as very soon, India is going for a general election. There is no BJP wave this time as like in the previous general elections, however, due to the weak performance of the Indian National Congress, BJP expects to remain as the largest party and form the BJP government for yet another term. Currently, the Indian leaders are unable to concentrate in Nepali politics but if Indian PM NarendraModi will get chance to rule the country for the next term, he may introduce a strong Nepal policy, which will be against Christianity, campaigning of the West and also against increasing presence of China in Nepal, say political observers. Such a Nepal policy could be counter-productive for the communist government securing two-thirds majority here, say political observers.
NC and even RJP are keenly watching political developments in India and they are keenly waiting for the Indian election results.

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