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A little hope with the Nepal Army

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnNepal is a country with enough natural resources, potential in tourism, hydropower potential, fertile land and so on and so forth. Nepal is located between two big nations, and thus it has a strategic geopolitical significance. Therefore, although being a tiny country, Nepal is an important venue for foreign powers. Globally, the economic war is on. The westerners want to make their stronghold in Nepal to play against Nepal’s two neighbours. If Nepal will become economically prosperous, it will become difficult for them in making this country their stronghold. Therefore, they are making all efforts to destabilize this beautiful country. The new constitution has been imposed to destroy our social harmony, culture, religion and identity.
Furthermore, India, which believes that Nepal is her protected nation, has also tried to destroy the strong organs needed of this country. The Indians had tried to abolish the institution of monarchy, a permanent structure safeguarding the nation’s independence and sovereignty, for decades. In 1989, India sponsored a popular movement witnessed in the country. The ultimate plan of that movement was to abolish the institution of monarchy, however, the then King Birendra was able to save the institution by handing over the executive power to the agitators. When the Indians failed in their mission, they sponsored the Maoist “people’s war”. The ultimate design was to destabilize Nepal and keep such a potential nation under the Indian umbrella. The Indians knew that the institution of monarchy was an obstacle in their mission, so efforts were made to remove this glorious institution. Meanwhile, the Westerners, who were campaigning for Christianity, also found a Hindu king was a great obstacle in their mission. In result, the 2001 June Narayanhitti bloodbath took place. Fortunately, one Royal heir was left and the institution was able to survive. This time also, when the India mission failed, the Indians as well as the West made a joint move to abolish the Institution by initiating the 12-point Delhi agreement. However, the Indian currency became weak compared to the Euros and the foreign puppet leaders, under the Western direction, declared Nepal a federal secular republic against the aspiration of the Nepali people. Today, the Westerners have reached in every remote parts of the nation with their mission by mobilizing INGOs/NGOs. The Western INGOs have reached each and every family whereas the Indians have been left far behind. Today, Nepal has become the playground of the Westerners and one after another Indian plans are being failed. India wanted a leading role in the new constitution but she failed there too. INGOs are emerging as a power center and they are running a parallel government in Nepal. When the Westerners failed to make their dominance in Nepal, a developing country, they have been trying to intensify their dominance through religion and on this move, they have tried to converse the Hindus and Buddhists into the Christians. Once the Christianity will have a dominating population, the Westerners will launch this campaign in the Indian and Chinese cities and villages across Nepal’s international borders. Therefore, both India and China should take such a Western move as a warning and they should work in a combined manner to end the Western conspiracy in Nepal. As federalism in Nepal, a tiny country, which is even smaller than Bihar and UP, cannot sustain such a political structure, both the countries should work together to scrap the present constitution. Nepal is a country having above 90 percent Hindu population and the Nepali Hinduism is based on religious and social harmony, Nepal should get the status of a Hindu nation and to protect and preserve the Hindu religion, the Hindu monarchy should be restored.
India has committed many such blunders in the past from which, the entire Nepali population is always suspicious of India. Therefore, India should play the role for restoring political stability in Nepal by ending all kinds of interventions here. India should learn the lesson that an instable and destabilized Nepal can always be a threat to India itself.
The Nepal Army is not an enemy force for both India and China as the Army never thinks about fighting against such huge military forces of the two neighbouring countries. Therefore, both the countries should play a role to make the Nepal Army a strong force able to play a role to keep the country stable as this is an essential organ of the nation.
In a recent television interview, former journalist and also former ambassador Hiranyalal Shrestha remarked that as all the organs needed for a nation have been destroyed, there is only hope left on the Nepal Army. Therefore, the Army should develop a strong intelligence unit to collect information about those foreign agents and take necessary action against them. Once if foreign agents are eliminated, this nation will become economically prosperous, he has argued.
Again, in an article that appeared in the Annapurna Post, noted columnist Yubraj Gautam has explained how the Westerners have destroyed our society. He has also prescribed the Nepal Army to monitor activities of those Western INGOs and those social and political actors who are performing their role under the direction of their foreign bosses.
This scribe doesn’t suggest the Nepal Army should takeover power, but this institution should play the role of check and balance against the country’s politics and to end the anti-national activities which would lead the nation towards separation. The Nepal Army should empower its intelligence department and collect details about the activities of the foreign powers and take action against those high-ranking political leaders, civil servicemen and others who are serving the foreign interests. This is the aspirations of the majority of the Nepalis who want to see Nepal as a prosperous country in every area. The question is will the Nepal Army be able to perform such a role!

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