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Has home minister failed?

By Our Reporter
The failure of the police to trace the guilty of the Kanchanpur rape and murder case as well the inability of the government to bring the big fishes involved in the smuggling of the gold have raised question about the competency of Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa.
Although Home Minister Thapa took a few bold decisions like ending the syndicate in public transpiration sector and the network of gold smugglers, his move ultimately failed to yield the desired results. The crackdown on the gold smugglers ended by establishing Gore (Chuda Mani Uprety) as the biggest fish and he failed to find the whereabouts of the 33 kg gold that went missing after it was passed through the TIA.
Likewise, the syndicate still prevails in practice and the transport entrepreneurs are trying to revive the syndicate in one way or another by creating problems during the upcoming Dashain festival.
Similarly, his move to punish the contractors who failed to complete the construction of the development projects in time faced a setback when Sharada Adhkari, one of the dishonest contractors, happened to be landlord of Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The contractors openly challenged his move even in the House. For no action has been taken against Poppu Construction that has not moved the construction work of several development projects while a few bridges built by it collapsed before completing their construction.
Moreover, the law and order situation has deteriorated in recent months across the country. Increasing cases of rapes and murders across the country and the inability of the police to nab the culprits show the ineffectiveness of the Home Administration led by the former rebel commander. When the rapists and murderers are moving freely, the Home Administration seems to be arresting journalists and social site users in Kathmandu. Because of these unusual moves, one can raise several questions regarding to the capability of Home Minister.

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