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Christian activist Dr KB Rokaya for Hindu kingdom

Kathmandu, 19 September: Dr K B Rokaya, president, Nepal Intellectuals’ Forum, is a Christian activist, however, he wants Nepal should be a Hindu kingdom.

In an interview to Jana Aastha vernacular weekly, Dr Rokaya has said, “My identity is Nepali. As I am a Nepali, I want Nepal should be saved.”

“There are three components in Nepal’s identity,” Rokaya said.

He has explained about the three important components:

  1. Institution of monarchy with Shah dynasty. Nepal’s identity is linked with King Prithivi Narayan Shah’s move for unification of modern Nepal.
  2. Nepal Army, which played important role in unification of Nepal.
  3. A nation with Hindu religion.

Rokaya has explained significance of monarchy saying that in the absence of monarchy, the nation has become guardian less.

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