Friday , September 21 2018
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Zero tolerance or cover-up for corruption?

By Our Reporter
Rampant corruption has become almost a compulsory phenomenon in this “new” Nepal. If one is innocent and honest, he or she will be declared as an incapable person. There is corruption everywhere and the political parties are not unaware from such a practice. One good example could be in the purchase of the wide body aircrafts by Nepal Airlines Corporation. Many prominent newspapers have published reports on the commission deal worth 65 billion rupees while purchasing the two wide body aircrafts. General Manager Sugatratna Shakya is found saying publicly that if the purchase deal is made transparent, big people in the country will become unhappy.
The concerned minister and Prime Minister have not spoken a single word about the commission deal in the said purchase. However, the Civil Aviation Minister has constituted a probe committee by including those people who were involved in the aircraft purchase deal. This is clear that the Minister wants to cover-up the commission deal instead of investigating on the commission case.
In conclusion, the present powerful government has been formed to exploit the nation from every side in the name of two-thirds majority. The leaders in the government are involved in daylight robbery as they believe that there is no any power to challenge them at least for five years.

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