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Where is Baburam Bhattarai now?

By Our Reporter
Dr Baburam Bhattarai, a product of Jwaharlal Nehru University and student of S.D Muni — who is known as an enemy of Nepal — has disclosed that the Indian objection on the present constitution was on two issues.
One, instead of declaring Nepal a secular nation, and write that there was freedom of religion and second, to change the decision on constructing Kathmandu-Nijgadh fast track road by Nepal herself were the two mistakes.
Bhattarai, the main architect of the present constitution, had received the message from the Indian envoy who had arrived in Kathmandu just before the promulgation of the constitution, Bhattarai has claimed.
A similar message was conveyed to all the top leaders here. When Nepal denied to accept the Indian advice, Nepal had to face an economic blockade, he has claimed.
It is not a secret that Bhattarai is India dominated politician since he was a student. But exposing the Indian role by Bhattarai shows that there is another lobby in India, with which Bhattarai is associated.
As we know, a section in the South Block and also Christians who were commanding RAW were the main hands behind the 12-point agreement between the Maoist and the then seven parliamentary parties that were in the opposition.
From this discloser of Bhattarai, it makes clear that he is working for the anti-BJP group and also anti-Nepal group including SD Muni.
To recall, Bhattarai is the very person who had wished to create 14 provinces with ethnic identity that too having total autonomy. This plan was not an original idea of Bhattarai but the idea of the Muni gang.
Bhattarai is the very person, who, in the name of expanding roads, had tried to bulldoze the Martyr’s Gate and other statues of the kings. In the name of road expansion, his plan was to destroy Kathmandu Valley’s cultural heritages.
The project of road expansion started by him is still incomplete due to which Kathmandu has become the city of dust and mud and has become a health hazard for the people leiving here. From the fund spent on expansion of roads, a new satellite city could be established nearby the Valley.

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