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Two chairmen’s two lines

By Our Reporter
The other day, on the eve of his departure to Delhi, Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) chairman Pushpakamal Dahal called his close media persons at his residence and informed them that very soon the cabinet will be reshuffled and those ministers who have not been able to show good performance will be dropped.
At a time when Dahal was still in Delhi, Prime Minister and another chairman of the party said that the cabinet is not going to be reshuffled soon.
Not only that, Oli further said, those who wants to make this government unpopular, have created such propaganda and he suggested for not running behind such false propaganda.
Doesn’t it indicate that there is a widening difference between the two chairmen?
However, upon his return from Delhi, speaking to the press at TIA, Dahal said that if the PM says there is no reshuffle, he is right.
The party is yet to settle disputes in the merger/unification of the provincial and district organizations. The dissatisfied groups are planning to introduce parallel committees challenging the committees formed by the party’s establishment faction. Due to such a threat, the merger process has been postponed in the past and now as well.
Also, at the party’s standing committee meeting, the government is likely to face strong criticism from the party as the government has not been able to show any performance in achieving the promises made during elections. Voices against the government have been intensified within the party and leaders say that from the present style of performance the party cannot benefit. Oli’s critics in the party are saying that first of all, Oli has to change his working style.

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