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Strong government’s weak performance

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli claims that his government holds a two-thirds majority and the government is the strongest one in the history of the country. However, it has been seven months since Oli assumed office and his government has not been able to show any visible achievements. Seven month is not a short period as in nine months’ tenure of the Manmohan Adhikary led UML’s minority government it had done many historical decisions. People still praise the good works done by the first UML government.
Construction contractors’ influence:
How is the situation outside the Valley, one can imagine after knowing the situation in the capital city. All Kathmandu roads are in a poor state. Besides, the road approaching Sankhu from Chabahil and also Thankot from Kalimati are the examples that how much powerful are the construction contractors! Prime Minister Oli has ordered the concerned sectors to improve these roads. Every month, the Minister for Road is found visiting these sites giving instructions to the concerned sectors to improve the road conditions. But there is no improvement at all. The reason is that there is a strong setting of the construction contractors, government officials and political parties. As the contractors are serving the interests of the political parties and concerned government officials, nobody is there to listen to the plight of the local people.
It has already been more than one year since the people’s representatives have been elected in the local bodies. What did the people’s representatives do for one year? We see garbage heaps along the Kathmandu Valley roads. We get the answer that as the Okharpauwa garbage dumping site is full and there is no alternate to dump garbage produced in the Valley, they can do nothing. Why the representatives and the federal government don’t try to locate new sites to dump such garbage?

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