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Joshi unfit for CJ, fit for justice

By Our Reporter
The immature decision of the Parliamentary Special Hearing Committee has created a constitutional dilemma. The Hearing Committee had rejected acting chief justice of the Supreme Court Deepakraj Joshi from becoming the chief justice of the SC. The Committee had blamed Joshi for producing fake educational certificate and Joshi had openly challenged to investigate on his educational certificates. But the Committee didn’t show interests to investigate on Joshi’s educational certificate and approved Om Prakash Mishra as the new SC chief justice.
On Monday, when CJ Mishra assumed office after oath taking ceremony, Joshi as the senior justice at the SC welcomed Mishra.
Joshi said that he was rejected to become the CJ but has not been rejected from working as the justice. He said that to avoid the controversy of who should be the acting chief justice, he took leave but when the new chief justice has assumed office, he would continue as the justice.
On Tuesday, Joshi went to the Supreme Court.
It is an odd that the person who is unfit for chief justice is fit for justice! Indeed, this incident has surfaced a constitutional crisis and challenged the decision of the Hearing Committee.

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