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Kathmanduites face troubles during BIMSTEC Summit

By Our Reporter
Although the government managed to host the 4th BIMSTEC Summit successfully, denizens had to face ordeals for at least five days due to disturbance in the traffic system in the Kathmandu Valley.
Vehicles remained off the road from Wednesday (August 29) to Sunday (September 1) almost throughout the day after the high-level delegates started landing in Kathmandu. When they moved to Summit venue from their residence hotel and when they went to attend the luncheon hosted by the President, the main roads were blocked for hours. Even when there was no movement of the leaders, public buses were not allowed to ply from Tinkune to Soaltee Hotel, which caused a lot of inconveniences to the commuters. The pedestrians were not allowed even to cross the road almost 30 minutes before the visiting guest passed through the road. As a result, the people had to walk from Koteshwore in the east to Balkhu in the West to arrive in the core city areas. Students were seen walking all the way from Ratna Park to Pepsicola areas carrying heavy bags.
Troublesome traffic jams occurred when the Presidents of Myanmar and Sri Lanka frequent the TIA to fly to and from Lumbini.
Only the owners of the private vehicles, especially the two-wheelers, managed to reach their destinations using the inner roads, commuters of the public vehicles faced a lot of problems. Although the academic institutes remained closed on Thursday and Friday, the students faced problems on Wednesday and Sunday in absence of adequate number of public buses.
When the commuters were fed up with the unavailability of the public vehicles, the drivers and helpers of the public buses got tired as they had to use new and lengthy routes facing traffic jams everywhere lasting for hours. Buses heading to Sundhara from Kotershwore were sent to Balkhu or Gaushala. Likewise, buses heading to Bhaktapur from Ratna Park were sent to Gaushala and from Gaushala they were again sent to Balaju!
“Now we will take this bus to our garage, we got tired of moving to this and that route throughout the day,” a helper was heard telling the passengers at Jadibuti on Sunday.

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