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Journos oppose Criminal Code

By Our Reporter
Journalists have strongly opposed some provisions inserted in the new Criminal Code that came into effect from August 17. They have argued that the provisions will curtail the press freedom and freedom of expressions and they be repealed.
A gathering of the editors and former chairmen of Federation of Nepali Journalists on Sunday in the initiative of the FNJ expressed concerns about the provisions which contradict the Constitution and intend to curtail the freedom of expressions as well as prevent journalists from gathering information.
At the end of the gathering held at Godawari, the FNJ issued a four-point Godawari Declaration to conserve and promote freedom of expression, press freedom, right to information and civic rights.
The federation issued the declaration after discussing with the editors and its former chairmen at Godawari.
The gathering declared the provisions of the new Criminal Code, its procedure including crime against the state, crime against public peace, defamation, and privacy seriously undermines freedoms of expression and the press.
The journalists demanded an immediate amendment to these provisions.
These laws have criminalised the possible offences due to publications and broadcasting medium besides criminalising the section 15 of the Press and Publication Act,  the gathering concluded.
“Criminalisation of defamation, privacy and publication is objectionable and that needs to be corrected at the earliest,” read the declaration.

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