Saturday , September 22 2018
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Curtailing press freedom

By Our Reporter
The new criminal code act implemented since 17 August has attempted to curtail the constitutional right on press freedom.
On the one hand, the constitution has guaranteed press freedom, on the other, the act has introduced different clauses initiating criminal action against journalists.
It has not been mentioned whether the media will be punished against producing restricted materials, however, the act has stated that one cannot publish reports related to any person’s private life; one cannot take or publish photograph of anybody without permission; one cannot publish photographs by destroying original shape of the photograph [cartoon?], etc..
FNJ chairman Govinda Acharya said that around 200 provisions in the act would affect press freedom.
He said that articles from 21 to 306 are against the freedom of the press.
Acharya urged all media persons to be united for a joint move against the attempt of curtailing press freedom.

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