Monday , September 24 2018
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Breaking at the Seams

All this talk of the Oli government’s nonperformance is mere politics. So is talk of the Oli government having achieved so much in mere six months. The opposition is bound to posture publicly that the government actions are authoritative as communists are authoritarian and Oli’s two-thirds majority in parliament emboldens their impudence. Government is bound to say that their achievements are underway and that they have taken these bold measures with care that we are in a democracy. Both government and the opposition are aware that Oli has much to do in his five year tenure and that six months is hardly a time lapse for judging performance. But there is more.
Decades of negative performance mount on the people. Election hypes and the promise of immediate change and the involvement of the mass in wreaking the change have heightened expectations. The fault is not in the non-performance. Public tension is in the realization that the system imposed on them by leaders who have the monopoly of political organizations is failing them. The haste with which a constitution was imposed by the rule of the whip in political parties and the hastened elections under the constitution without adequate legal and auxiliary inputs in the country has resulted in a crunch. The system refuses to budge despite the party’s two- third majority. It is breaking at the seams.
Nothing is more frustrating than the public being told at this late stage of the formation of government by a recently ensconced finance minister that the federal system was roving too expensive for the country. Perhaps more illuminating to the country is when the same finance minister approached the World Bank for more funds to strengthen this so-called constitutional achievement with more funds. That federalism was to have meant more taxes to cover up the expenses was predicted way back much before the drafting of the constitution by even these columns. That the people should be actively opposing these new measures in an environment of growing dearth is beyond the control of the system. And, if none other than the supreme federalist, Prachanda, should see in this public ire an unforeseen threat to federalism, it is merely a reflection of his callous lack of foresight. The fact is that our partisan intellectuals and media were all part and parcel of the political machinery that sold republicanism, secularism and federalism as manna. Moreover, now that these attributes touted by our political leaders have been admitted as ‘foreign’ agenda in public eyes and now that the public are aware that the leadership became lackeys of foreign interests to serve their political purposes, the unease felt in power circles of rapid and widespread public restlessness threatening the very control of political organizations over the public is potent. The threat is looming. Expectations are heightened. Government performance and opposition allegations are mere political diversions. The system is approaching a melt down.

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