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Political parties should have courage

image0011Now it has been proved to be wrong that abolition of monarchial system was the panacea the evils and achieve better results in the country. Nearly thirty years’ practice of multiparty democratic (including republican) system in our country has proved that the driver of the country needs to be efficient, honest and patriot and the system itself is not everything. It will be ungratefulness for the Nepalese if the contributions of the kings of this country will be forgotten.
King Mahendra and Birendra have contributed a great deal to introduce Nepal in the international forum. Through their successful and effective foreign policy, Nepal was able to be elected as the non-permanent member in the UN Security Council for two times but some years ago, Nepal was unable to repeat the same success for the third time. It was the result of either our unsuccessful and immature foreign policy or an indication of decreasing height of Nepal in the international forums. Often the political analysts claim lacking of the efficient diplomats, with sound knowledge.
Diplomats, in the recent days, have not been able to solve border or any other problems diplomatically whether with China or India or with other countries.Construction of twenty-four embankments across the Nepal-India borders by India without Nepal’s consent have inundated fertile Nepali land during the rainy season.
King Mahendra had prevented the attempt of micro management by the Indian envoys on the internal matters of Nepal which was in practice since the rule of Tribhuvan.
According to YaduNathKhal, in the case of Arms Treaty of 1965 with India, after some years of the treaty, Raj Bahadur Singh, ambassador of India, had informed that that was made passive. Will the diplomats or the politicians of our country show their courage and diplomatic skill to abolish or make favorable changes in it or others also which every patriot wants?
In this regards the political leaders and diplomats need to act and express their stand diplomatically giving main priority to the national interest. If they become unable by bilateral talks they should show the courage to take the problem in international forums such as the UN. But due to the fear of losing the blessing from Delhi Durbar such type of diplomacy has not been performed by them. People have doubt that large chunk of civil servants and political leaders are under the influence of Indian Intelligence, i.e., RAW [Research and Analysis Wing].
Nepalese have complaint with China also. China also has given consent to open trade pass via Lipulekh, Nepali territory encroached by India, in trade between China and India. The past practices show that it is easier to settle down various problems with China in comparison to India. Nepalese people expect positive response of China on this issue including the Lipulekh issue.
Although Nepal and China had many disputes before establishment of the Communist rule in China but after 1949 both the countries were able to establish very cordial relations between the two nations. King Mahendra, Birendra and even Gyanendra were able to maintain balanced foreign policy, as per their diplomatic skill, with India and China even though king Mahendra is blamed to have played China card against India time and again.
Since India thought the monarchial system as the obstacle in fulfilling Indian interests in Nepal, the multiparty democracy was introduced as an effort for demolishing the institution of monarchy. That was the first step in the process of declaring Nepal a republic nation. Our political leaders have fulfilled India’s ambition to get her share in every political change in Nepal.
Political change needs to be directed to the welfare of the people rather it should not be the cause of the interests of the foreign power. We should not compromise our sovereignty with the political system in any condition. But how can we say that the recent political changes are directed towards the welfare of Nepal and the people of this country?

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