Friday , September 21 2018

What Now

How the CPN two-thirds in parliament helped the party to ride over the removal of the acting chief justice cuts a long story short. The supremacy of parliament is adequate adage to cover up the fact that both the head of government and the chief of the opposition had recommended the appointment that parliament rejected. Of course, the party whip that could effectively sideline the constituent assembly’s actual participation in the making of the constitution and reserved its participation merely to endorse it would be adequate enough to okay the decision. The manner with which democratic procedures have been short circuited in Nepali democracy merely endorses the theory that we have new sovereigns now. It is not parliament. It is the party chief and what they do is to cut through parliament like a hot knife through butter. In a manner the communists are proving what they have said all along. Democracy is ‘dog meat sold with a goat’s head in front’. Everything else notwithstanding, parliament is supreme and the communists hold two thirds in parliament. Not only that the president, the vice president and the house chairman all hail from the same party. Moreover, of the seven federal states, the ruling party controls five. Why not, then, also control the judiciary?
The ‘grand design’ as the late Girija Koirala would often insinuate has thus been demonstrated in republican, federal, secular Nepal and we are heading full swing towards the management of the implementation stage of a people’s constitution aspired for by post-1950 politics in the name of the people. In so doing, what we are being told is that such impudence is necessary to overcome the residual challenges that change must inevitably meet. But the fact remains that a recommendation given the parliamentary committee constitutionally by another constitutional body headed by the head of government himself could be so dunked with nary a pretense of form or function. Government, in a manner of speaking, is now one where the party is supreme and party chief is the supreme. In actual content, the constitution and the manner of its drafting and its implementation has brought us to this and the opposition Nepali Congress need only lament. The so called democratic party actually actively partnered the process and cannot distance itself from these developments. The Congress will already have realized that the organizational structures that helped flip the NCP to their enviable position now need merely be fed with the spoils of state in order to increase its stranglehold over the body politic with the constitutional process giving it no constitutional option but to take to the streets and not parliament. This makes predictable the theory that politics will take to the streets while parliamentary business will see much disruption. It will be upto the ruling party to retain focus in parliament and to match the opposition numbers in the streets. This is hardly a picture of the much awaited stability that the to thirds promised to bring. For the people, the two thirds now will be the cause of instability. Heavy, isn’t it?

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